Nehemiah 7
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Nehemiah Appoints Administrators

1After the wall had been completed and its doors installed, then the gatekeepers, singers, and descendants of Levi were appointed. 2I appointed my brother Hanani and fortress commander Hananiah to be over Jerusalem, since he was a faithful person who revered God more than many others did. 3I charged them, “Do not open the gates of Jerusalem until mid-day.a Until then, let everyone stand watch, keeping the gates shut and locked. Appoint security watches from those who live in Jerusalem. Everyone should maintain his own watch near his house.” 4Even though the city was large and spread out, not many people were living there and not many houses had been built. 5So my God gave me the idea to gather together the nobles, the officials, and the people so they could be registered according to their genealogies.

A List of Those who Returned

(Ezra 2:1-58)

I found a register of the original inhabitants in which there was recorded 6a list of descendantsb of the province of Judahc who returned from captivity, from those who had been exiled by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon. They had come back to Jerusalem and to Judah, each one to his town. 7They were coming with Zerubbabel, Jeshua, Nehemiah, Azariah, Raamiah, Nahamani,d Mordecai, Bilshan, Mispereth,e Bigvai, Nehum,f and Baanah. Here is the enumeration of:

The Men of Israel:

8Parosh’s descendants:g 2,172

9Shephatiah’s descendants: 372

10Arah’s descendants: 652h

11Pahath-moab’s descendants; that is, through Jeshua and Joab: 2,818i

12Elam’s descendants: 1,254

13Zattu’s descendants: 845j

14Zaccai’s descendants: 760

15Binnui’s descendants:k 648l

16Bebai’s descendants: 628m

17Azgad’s descendants: 2,322n

18Adonikam’s descendants: 667o

19Bigvai’s descendants: 2,067p

20Adin’s descendants: 655q

21Ater’s descendants through Hezekiah: 98

22Hashum’s descendants: 328r

23Bezai’s descendants: 324s

24Hariph’s descendants:t 112

25Gibeon’s descendants:u 95

26People from Bethlehem and Netophah: 188v

27People from Anathoth: 128

28People from Beth-azmaveth:w 42

29People from Kiriath-jearim,x Chephirah, and Beeroth: 743

30People from Ramah and Geba: 621

31People from Michmas: 122

32People from Bethel and Ai: 123y

33People from the other Nebo: 52

34The other Elam’s descendants: 1,254

35Harim’s descendants: 320

36Jericho’s descendants: 345

37Descendants of Lod, Hadid, and Ono: 721z

38Senaah’s descendants: 3,930aa

39The Priests:

Jedaiah’s descendants from the household of Jeshua: 973

40Immer’s descendants: 1,052

41Pashhur’s descendants: 1,247

42Harim’s descendants: 1,017

43The Descendants of Levi:

Jeshua of Kadmiel’s descendants: that is, Hodevah’s descendants:bb 74

44The Singers:

Asaph’s descendants: 148cc

45The Gatekeepers:

Shallum’s descendants, Ater’s descendants, Talmon’s descendants, Akkub’s descendants, Hatita’s descendants, Shobai’s descendants: 138dd

46The Temple Servants:

Descendants of Ziha, Hasupha, and Tabbaoth.

47Descendants of Keros, Sia,ee and Padon.

48Descendants of Lebanah, Hagabah, and Shalmai.ff

49Descendants of Hanan, Giddel, and Gahar.

50Descendants of Reaiah, Rezin, and Nekoda.

51Descendants of Gazzam, Uzza, and Paseah.

52Descendants of Besai,gg Meunim, and Nephushesim,hh

53Descendants of Bakbuk, Hakupha, and Harhur.

54Descendants of Bazlith,ii Mehida, and Harsha.

55Descendants of Barkos, Sisera, and Temah.

56Descendants of Neziah and Hatipha.

57The Descendants of Solomon’s Servants:

Descendants of Sotai, Sophereth,jj and Perida,kk

58Descendants of Jaala, Darkon, and Giddel,

59Descendants of Shephatiah, Hattil, Pochereth-hazzebaim, and Ammon;ll

60All of the Temple Servants and descendants of Solomon’s servants numbered 392.

Non-Documented Persons

(Ezra 2:59-67)

61Here is a list of returnees from Tel-melah, Tel-harsha, Cherub, Addan, and Immer, who could not prove their ancestry and lineage from Israel:

62Descendants of Delaiah, Tobiah, and Nekoda: 642mm

63Of the Priests:

Descendants of Habaiah, Koz,nn and Barzillai, who married one of the daughters of Barzillai from Gilead and took that name.

64These people searched for their ancestral records, but they couldn’t be located. Accordingly, they were considered disqualifiedoo from the priesthood. 65The governorpp ordered them not to eat anything holy until a priest would be installed with Urim and Thummim.qq

66The entire assembly numbered 42,360, 67not including their 7,337 male and female servants. They had 245rr men and women singers. 68ss They had 736 horses, 245 mules, 69435 camels, and 6,720 donkeys.

Gifts for the Temple

(Ezra 2:68-70)

70Some of the heads of the families contributed to the work. The governortt contributed 1,000 gold drachmas to the treasury, along with 50 basins, and 530 priestly garments. 71Some of the heads of the families gave to the treasury 20,000 gold drachmas and 2,200 silver unitsuu for the work. 72The rest of the people gave 20,000 gold drachmas, 2,000 silver unitsvv , and 67 priestly garments.

73The priests, descendants of Levi, gatekeepers, singers, some of the people, the Temple Servants, and all the Israelis settled in their cities.

Ezra Reads the Law

(Ezra 3:1)

Seven months later,ww the Israelis had settled in their own cities.

a 7:3 Lit. until the sun is hot
b 7:6 Lit. These are the descendants
c 7:6 The Heb. lacks of Judah
d 7:7 MT of Ezra 2:2 lacks Azariah, Raamiah, Nahamani
e 7:7 Cf. MT of Ezra 2:2 Mispar
f 7:7 Cf. MT of Ezra 2:2 Rehum
g 7:8 Lit. Sons of; and so throughout the chapter
h 7:10 Cf. Ezra 2:3 775
i 7:11 Cf. Ezra 2:6 2,812
j 7:13 Cf. Ezra 2:8 945
k 7:15 Cf. Ezra 2:10 Bani
l 7:15 Cf. Ezra 2:10 642
m 7:16 Cf. Ezra 2:11 623
n 7:17 Cf. Ezra 2:12 1,222
o 7:18 Cf. Ezra 2:13 666
p 7:19 Cf. Ezra 2:14 2,056
q 7:20 Cf. Ezra 2:15 454
r 7:22 Cf. Ezra 2:19 223
s 7:23 Cf. Ezra 2:17 323
t 7:24 Cf. Ezra 2:18 Jorah
u 7:25 Cf. Ezra 2:19 Gibbar
v 7:26 Cf. Ezra 2:21-22 where the total is 179
w 7:28 Cf. Ezra 2:24 Azmaveth
x 7:29 Cf. Ezra 2:25 Kiriath-arim
y 7:32 Cf. Ezra 2:28 223
z 7:37 Cf. Ezra 2:33 725
aa 7:38 Cf. Ezra 2:35 3,630
bb 7:43 Cf. Ezra 2:40 Hodaviah
cc 7:44 Cf. Ezra 2:41 128
dd 7:45 Cf. Ezra 2:42 139
ee 7:47 Cf. Ezra 2:44 Siaha
ff 7:48 Cf. Ezra 2:45-46 and Akkub Descendants of Hagab, Shalmai
gg 7:52 Cf. Ezra 2:49-50 Besai. Descendants of Asnah,
hh 7:52 Cf. Ezra 2:50 Nephusim
ii 7:54 Cf. Ezra 2:52 Bazluth
jj 7:57 Cf. Ezra 2:55 Hassophereth
kk 7:57 Cf. Ezra 2:55 Peruda
ll 7:59 Cf. Ezra 2:47 Ami
mm 7:62 Cf. Ezra 2:60 652
nn 7:63 Cf. Ezra 7:61 Hakkoz
oo 7:64 Lit. unclean
pp 7:65 Lit. Tirshatha; i.e. a Persian title
qq 7:65 i.e. a high priest to whom God would reveal his will through the jewel-encrusted breastplate that he wore; cf. Exod 28:30, Ezra 2:63
rr 7:67 Cf. Ezra 2:65 200
ss 7:68 Some MT mss. lack this v.
tt 7:70 Lit. Tirshatha; i.e. a Persian title
uu 7:71 Lit. mina
vv 7:72 Lit. mina
ww 7:73 Lit. When the seventh month came; cf. Ezra 3:1

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