Proverbs 16
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Wisdom’s Blessings

1People do the planning,a

but the end resultb is from the LORD.

2Everything a person does seems pure in his own opinion,

but the LORD weighs intentions.

3Entrust your work to the LORD,

and your planning will succeed.

4The LORD made everything answerable to him,

including the wicked at the time of trouble.c

5The LORD detests those who are proud;

truly they will not go unpunished.

6Iniquity is atoned for by gracious love and truth,

and through fear of the LORD peopled turn from evil.

7When a person’s ways please the LORD,

even his enemies will be at peace with him.

8A little gaine with righteousness is better

than great income without justice.

9A person plans his way,

but the LORD directs his steps.

10When a king is ready to speak officially,f

what he says should not err with respect to justice.

11Honest scales and balances are from the LORD;

he made all the weights in the bag.

12Kings detest wrongdoing,

for through righteousness the throne is established.

13Kings take pleasure in righteous speech;

they treasure a person who speaks what is upright.

14The king’s wrath results in a death sentence,

but whoever is wise will appease him.

15When a king is pleased,g there is life,

and his favor is like a cloud that brings spring rain.

16How much better than gaining gold is the acquisition of wisdom,

the attainment of wisdom better than silver!

17The road of the upright circumvents evil,

and whoever watches how he livesh preserves his life.

18Pride precedes destruction;

an arrogant spirit appears before a fall.

19Better to be humble among the poor,

than to share what is stolen with the proud.

20Whoever listens to a word of instruction prospers,

and anyone who trusts in the LORD is blessed.

21The wise-hearted person is told to be discerning,

and that pleasant speech promotes instruction.

22Anyone who has understanding is a fountain of life,

but foolishness brings punishment to fools.

23A wise person’s thoughtsi control his words,

and his speech promotes instruction.

24Pleasant words are honey from a honeycomb—

sweet to the soul and healing for the body.j

Advice to the Wise

25There is a road that seems right for a man to travel,k

but in the end it’s the road to death.

26The appetite of the laborer motivates him;

indeed, his hunger drives him on.

27A worthless person concocts evil gossipl

his lips are like a burning fire.

28A deceitful man stirs dissension,

and anyone who gossips separates friends.

29A violent man entices his companion

and leads him on a path that is not good.

30Whoever winks knowinglym is plottingn deceit;

anyone who purses his lips is bent towards evil.

31Gray hair is a crown of glory;

it is obtained by followingo a righteous path.

32Whoever controls his temper is better than a warrior,

and anyone who has control of his spirit is better

than someone who captures a city.

33The dice is cast into someone’s lap,

but the outcome is from the LORD.

a 16:1 Lit. Preparations of the heart belong to human beings
b 16:1 Or the response of the tongue
c 16:4 Lit. evil
d 16:6 The Heb. lacks people
e 16:8 The Heb. lacks gain
f 16:10 Lit. king speaks an oracle
g 16:15 Lit. a king’s face lightens
h 16:17 Lit. watches his path
i 16:23 Lit. heart
j 16:24 Lit. bone
k 16:25 The Heb. lacks to travel
l 16:27 The Heb. lacks gossip
m 16:30 Lit. with his eyes
n 16:30 So MT; LXX Syr Targ Vg read winks with his eyes considers
o 16:31 The Heb. lacks following

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Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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