Psalm 119
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Living in the Law of Goda

1b How blessed are those whose life is blameless,

who walk in the Law of the LORD!

2How blessed are those who observe his decrees,

who seek him with all of their heart,

3who practice no evil

while they walk in his ways.

4You have commanded concerning your precepts,

that they be guarded with diligence.

5Oh, that my ways were steadfast,

so I may keep your statutes.

6Then I will not be ashamed,

since my eyes will be fixed on all of your commands.

7I will praise you with an upright heart,

as I learn your righteous decrees.

8I will keep your statutes;

do not ever abandon me.


The Benefits of the Word

9How can a young man keep his behavior pure?

By guarding it in accordance with your word.

10I have sought you with all of my heart;

do not let me drift away from your commands.

11I have stored what you have saidc in my heart,

so I won’t sin against you.

12Blessed are you, LORD!

Teach me your statutes.

13I have spoken with my lips

about all your decrees that you have announced.d

14I find joy in the path of your decrees,

as if I owned all kinds of riches.

15I will meditate on your precepts,

and I will respect your ways.

16I am delighted with your statutes;

I will not forget your word.e


Living and Keeping God’s Word

17Deal kindly with your servant

so I may live and keep your word.f

18Open my eyes

so that I will observe amazing things from your instruction.g

19Since I am a stranger on the earth,

do not hide your commands from me.

20My soul is consumed with longing

for your decrees at all times.

21You rebuke the accursed ones,

who wander from your commands.

22Remove scorn and disrespect from me,

for I observe your decrees.

23Though nobles take their seat and gossip about me,

your servant will meditate on your statutes.

24I take joy in your decrees,

for they are my counselors.


Strength Comes from the Word

25My soul clings to the dust;

revive me according to your word.

26I have talked about my ways,

and you have answered me;

Teach me your statutes.

27Help me understand how your precepts function,h

and I will meditate on your wondrous acts.

28I weep because of sorrow;

fortify me according to your word.

29Remove false paths from me;

and graciously give me your instruction.i

30I have chosen the faithful way;

I have firmly placed your ordinances before me.j

31I cling to your decrees;

LORD, do not put me to shame.

32I eagerly race along the way of your commands,

for you enable me to do so.k


Instructed by the Word

33Teach me, LORD, about the way of your statutes,

and I will observe them without fail.l

34Give me understanding

and I will observe your instruction.m

I will keep it with all of my heart.

35Help me live my life by your commands,

because my joy is in them.

36Turn my heart to your decrees

and away from unjust gain.

37Turn my eyes away from gazing at worthless things,

and revive me by your ways.

38Confirm your promise to your servant,

which is for those who fear you.

39Turn away the shame that I dread,

because your ordinances are good.

40Look, I long for your precepts;

revive me through your righteousness.


A Song of Praise

41May your gracious love come to me, LORD,

your salvation, just as you said.

42Then I can answer the one who insults me,

for I place my trust in your word.

43Never take your truthful words from me,

For I wait forn your ordinances.

44Then I will always keep your Law,

forever and ever,

45I will walk in liberty,

for I seek your precepts.

46Then I will speak of your decrees before kings

and not be ashamed.

47I will take delight in your commands,

which I love.

48I will lift up my hands to your commands,

which I love,

and I will meditate on your statutes.


Remembering What God Has Said

49Remember what you saido to your servant,

by which you caused me to hope.

50This is what comforts me in my troubles:

that what you say revives me.

51Even though the arrogant utterly deride me,

I do not turn away from your instruction.p

52I have remembered your ancient ordinances, LORD,

and I take comfort in them.

53I burn with indignation because of the wicked

who forsake your instruction.q

54Your statutes are my songs,

no matter where I make my home.r

55In the night I remember your name, LORD,

and keep your instruction.s

56I have made it my personal responsibility

to keep your precepts.


Keeping God’s Word

57The LORD is my inheritance;

I have given my promise to keep your word.

58I have sought your favor with all of my heart;

be gracious to me according to your promise.

59I examined my lifestyle

and set my feet in the direction of your decrees.

60I hurried and did not procrastinate

to keep your commands.

61Though the ropes of the wicked have ensnared me,

I have not forgotten your instruction.t

62At midnight I will get up to thank you

for your righteous ordinances.

63I am united with all who fear you,

and with everyone who keeps your precepts.

64LORD, the earth overflows with your gracious love!

Teach me your statutes.


Praise for God’s Word

65LORD, you have dealt well with your servant,

according to your word.

66Teach me both knowledge and appropriate discretion,

because I believe in your commands.

67Before I was humbled, I wandered away,

but now I observe your words.

68LORD,u you are goodv , and do what is good;

teach me your statutes.

69The arrogant have accused me falsely;

but I will observe your precepts wholeheartedly.

70Their minds are clogged as with greasy fat,

but I find joy in your instruction.w

71It was for my good that I was humbled;x

so that I would learn your statutes.

72Instructiony that comes from youz is better for me

than thousands of gold and silver coins.aa


Prayer for God’s Grace

73Your hands made and formed me;

give me understanding,

that I may learn your commands.

74May those who fear you see me and be glad,

for I have hoped in your word.

75I know, LORD, that your decrees are just,

and that you have rightfully humbled me.

76May your gracious love comfort me

in accordance with your promise to your servant.

77May your mercies come to me that I may live,

for your instructionbb is my delight.

78May the arrogant become ashamed,

because they have subverted me with deceit;

as for me, I will meditate on your precepts.

79May those who fear you turn to me,

along with those who know your decrees.

80May my heart be blameless with respect to your statutes

so that I may not become ashamed.


On Obeying God’s Word

81I long for your deliverance;

I have looked to your word,

placing my hope in it.

82My eyes grow weary

with respect to what you have promised—

I keep asking, “When will you comfort me?”

83Though I have become like a water skin dried bycc smoke,

I have not forgotten your statutes.

84How many days must your servant endure this?dd

When will you judge those who persecute me?

85The arrogant have dug pitfalls for me

disobeying your

86All of your commands are reliable.

I am persecuted without cause—help me!

87Though the arrogantff nearly destroyed me on earth,

I did not abandon your precepts.

88Revive me according to your gracious love;

and I will keep the decrees that you have proclaimed.


Pay Attention to God’s Word

89Your word is forever, LORD;

it is firmly established in heaven.

90Your faithfulness continues from generation to generation.

You established the earth, and it stands firm.

91To this day they stand by means of your rulings,

for all things serve you.

92Had your instructiongg not been my pleasure,

I would have died in my affliction.

93I will never forget your precepts,

for you have revived me with them.

94I am yours, so save me,

since I have sought your precepts.

95The wicked lay in wait to destroy me,

while I ponder your decrees.

96I have observed that all things have their limit,

but your commandment is very broad.


Loving God’s Word

97How I love your instruction!hh

Every day it is my meditation.

98Your commands make me wiser than my adversaries,

since they are always with me.

99I am more insightful than my teachers,

because your decrees are my meditations.

100I have more common sense than the elders,

for I observe your precepts.

101I keep away from every evil choiceii

so that I may keep your word.jj

102I do not avoid your judgments,

for you pointed them out to me.

103How pleasing is what you have to say to me—

tasting better than honey.

104I obtain understanding from your precepts;

therefore I hate every false way.


God’s Word a Light

105Your word iskk a lamp for my feet,

a light for my pathway.

106I have given my word and affirmed it,

to keep your righteous judgments.

107I am severely afflicted.

Revive me, LORD, according to your word.

108LORD, please accept my voluntary offerings of praise,ll

and teach me your judgments.

109Though I constantly take my life in my hands,

I do not forget your

110Though the wicked lay a trap for me,

I haven’t wandered away from your precepts.

111I have inherited your decrees forever,

because they are the joy of my heart.

112As a result, I am determined

to carry out your statutes forever.


Loving God’s Law

113I despise the double-minded,

but I love your instruction.nn

114You are my fortress and shield;

I hope in your word.

115Leave me, you who practice evil,

that I may observe the commands of my God.

116Sustain me, God,oo as you have promised,

and I will live.

Do not let me be ashamed of my hope.

117Support me, that I may be saved,

and I will carry out your statutes consistently.

118You reject all who wander from your statutes,

since their deceitfulness is vain.

119You removepp all the wicked of the earth likeqq dross;

therefore I love your decrees.

120My flesh trembles out of fear of you,

and I am in awe ofrr your judgments.


Praying for God’s Deliverance

121I have acted with justice and righteousness;

do not abandon me to my oppressors.

122Back up your servant in a positive way;

do not let the arrogant oppress me.

123My eyes fail as I lookss for your salvation

and for your righteous promise.

124Act toward your servant consistent with your gracious love,

and teach me your statutes.

125Since I am your servant, give me understanding,

so I will know your decrees.

126It is time for the LORD to act,

since they have violated your

127I truly love your commands more than gold,

including fine gold.

128I truly consider all of your precepts—all of them—to be just,

while I despise every false way.


Living in God’s Word

129Your decrees are wonderful—

that’s why I observe them.

130The disclosure of your words illuminates,

providing understanding to the simple.

131I open my mouth and pant

as I long for your commands.

132Turn in my direction and show mercy to me,

as you have decreed regarding those who love your name.

133Direct my footsteps by your promise,

and do not let any kind of iniquity rule over me.

134Deliver me from human oppression

and I will keep your precepts.

135Show favor touu your servant,

and teach me your statutes.

136My eyes shed rivers of tears,

when others do not obey your instruction.vv


God’s Righteous Decrees

137LORD, you are righteous,

and your judgments are right.

138You have ordered your decrees to us rightly,

and they are very faithful.

139My zeal consumes me

because my enemies forget your words.

140Your word is very pure,

and your servant loves it.

141Though I may be small and despised,

I do not neglect your precepts.

142Your righteousness is an eternal righteousness,

and your instructionww is true.

143Though trouble and anguish overwhelm me,

your commands remain my delight.

144Your righteous decrees are eternal;

give me understanding, and I will live.


Waiting in Hope

145I have cried out with all of my heart.

Answer me, LORD!

I will observe your statutes.

146I have called out to you, “Save me,

so I may keep your decrees.”

147I get up before dawn and cry for help;

I place my hope in your word.

148I look forward to the night watches,

when I may meditate on what you have said.

149Hear my voice according to your gracious love.

LORD, revive me in keeping with your justice.

150Those who pursue wickedness draw near;

they remain far from your instruction.xx

151You are near, LORD,

and all of your commands are true.

152I discovered long ago about your decrees

that you have confirmed them forever.


God’s Word is Truth

153Look on my misery, and rescue me,

for I do not ignore your instruction.yy

154Defend my case and redeem me;

revive me according to your promise.

155Deliverance remains remote from the wicked,

for they do not seek your statutes.

156Your mercies are magnificent, LORD;

revive me according to your judgments.

157Though my persecutors and adversaries are numerous,

I do not turn aside from your decrees.

158I watch the treacherous, and despise them,

because they do not do what you have said.

159Look how I love your precepts, LORD;

revive me according to your gracious love.

160The sumzz of your wordaaa is truth,

and each righteous ordinance of yours is everlasting.


Loving God’s Instruction

161Though nobles persecute me for no reason,

my heart stands in awe of your words.

162I find joy at what you have said

like one who has discovered a great treasure.

163I despise and hate falsehood,

butbbb I love your instruction.ccc

164I praise you seven times a day

because of your righteous ordinances.

165Great peace belongs to those who love your instruction,ddd

and nothing makes them stumble.

166I am looking in hope for your deliverance, LORD,

as I carry out your commands.

167My soul treasureseee your decrees,

and I love them deeply.

168I keep your precepts and your decrees

because all of my ways are before you.


The Joy of God’s Word

169May my cry arise before you, LORD;

give me understanding according to your word.

170Let my request come before you;

deliver me, as you have promised.

171May my lips utter praise,

for you teach me your statutes.

172May my tongue sing about your promise,

for all of your commands are right.

173May your hand stand ready to assist me,

for I have chosen your precepts.

174I am longing for your deliverance, LORD,

and your instructionfff is my joy.

175Let me live, and I will praise you;

let your ordinancesggg help me.

176I have wandered away like a lost sheep;

come find your servant,

for I do not forget your commands.

a 119:T This Psalm is an acrostic in which all verses in each eight-verse section begin with the letter of the Heb. alphabet indicated.
b 119:1 Lit. way
c 119:11 So MT DSS 4QPs; LXX Syr read stored your oracles
d 119:13 Lit. decrees of your mouth
e 119:16 So MT; LXX Syr DSS 11QPs read words
f 119:17 So MT; LXX DSS 11QPs read words
g 119:18 Or Law
h 119:27 Lit. understand the ways of your precepts
i 119:29 Or Law
j 119:30 The Heb. lacks before me
k 119:32 Lit. will enlarge my heart
l 119:33 Or them to the end
m 119:34 Or Law
n 119:43 Or place my hope in
o 119:49 Lit. Remember the word
p 119:51 Or Law
q 119:53 Or Law
r 119:54 Lit. songs in the house of my sojourn
s 119:55 Or Law
t 119:61 Or Law
u 119:68 So LXX Syr DSS 11QPs; the Heb. lacks LORD
v 119:68 So MT; LXX reads kind
w 119:70 Or Law
x 119:71 So MT; LXX reads that you humbled me; DSS 11QPs reads that you afflicted me
y 119:72 Or Law
z 119:72 Lit. from your mouth
aa 119:72 Lit. pieces
bb 119:77 Or Law
cc 119:83 The Heb. lacks dried by
dd 119:84 The Heb. lacks this
ee 119:85 Or Law
ff 119:87 Lit. they
gg 119:92 Or Law
hh 119:97 Or Law
ii 119:101 Lit. way
jj 119:101 So MT DSS 5QPs; LXX reads words
kk 119:105 So MT and LXX; the DSS 11QPs reads words are
ll 119:108 Lit. of my mouth
mm 119:109 Or Law
nn 119:113 Or Law
oo 119:116 The Heb. lacks God
pp 119:119 So MT; Hieronymus Aquila Symmachus read You consider;LXX reads I considered; DSS 11QPs reads I consider
qq 119:119 The Heb. lacks like
rr 119:120 Or I fear
ss 119:123 The Heb. lacks as I look
tt 119:126 Or Law
uu 119:135 Lit. Make your face shine on
vv 119:136 Or Law
ww 119:142 Or Law
xx 119:150 Or Law
yy 119:153 Or Law
zz 119:160 So MT; LXX reads beginning
aaa 119:160 So MT; LXX Hieronymous DSS 11QPs read words
bbb 119:163 So LXX Syr DSS 11QPs; the Heb. lacks but
ccc 119:163 Or Law
ddd 119:165 Or Law
eee 119:167 Lit. guards
fff 119:174 Or Law
ggg 119:175 So LXX Targ DSS 11QPs (original); MT reads ordinance

The Holy Bible: International Standard Version® Release 2.1
Copyright © 1996-2012 The ISV Foundation

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