Psalm 17
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A Davidic Prayer.

A Cry for Justice

1LORD, hear my just plea!

Pay attention to my cry!

Listen to my prayer,

since it does not come from lying lips.

2Justice for me will come from your presence;

your eyes see what is right.

3When you probe my heart,

and examine me at night;

when you refine me,

you will find nothing wrong,a

for I have determined that I will not transgress with my mouth.

4As for the ways of mankind,

I have, according to the words of your lips,

avoided the ways of the violent.

5Because my steps have held fast to your paths,

my footsteps have not faltered.

6I call upon you, for you will answer me, God.

Listen closely to me

and hear my prayer.

7Show forth your gracious love,

save those who take refuge in you

from those who rebel against your sovereign power.b

8Protect me as the most precious part of the eye;c

hide me under the shadow of your wings

9from the wickedd who have afflicted me,

from my enemies who have surrounded me.

10They are imprisoned by their own prosperity,e

they have boasted proudly with their mouth.

11Now they have encircled our pathsf

and are determinedg to cast us down to the ground.

12Like a lion they desire to rip us to pieces,

like a young lion waiting in ambush.

13Arise, LORD,

confront them,

bring them to their knees!

Deliver me from the wicked by your sword—

14from men, LORD, by your hand—

from men who belong to this world,

whose reward is onlyh in thisi life.

But as for your treasured ones,

may their stomachs be full,

may their children have an abundance,

and may they leave wealth to their offspring.

15But as for me, justified, I will behold your face;

when I awake, your presencej will satisfy me.

a 17:3 The Heb. lacks wrong
b 17:7 Lit. against your right hand
c 17:8 Lit. as the pupil of the daughter of the eye
d 17:9 Lit. face of the wicked
e 17:10 Lit. fat
f 17:11 So MT; DSS 11QPs LXX read have expelled me
g 17:11 Lit. and have set their eyes
h 17:14 The Heb. lacks only
i 17:14 So MT; DSS 11QPs LXX read their
j 17:15 Lit. form, likeness

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