Psalm 61
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To the Director: A compositiona by David for stringed instruments.

A Prayer for God’s Protection

1God, hear my cry;

pay attention to my prayer.

2From the end of the earth I will cry to you

whenever my heart is overwhelmed.

Place me on the rock that’s too high for me.

3For you have been a refuge for me,

a tower of strength before the enemy.

4Let me make my home in your tent forever;

let me hide under the shelter of your wings.


5For you, God, have heard my promises;

you have assigned to meb the heritage of those who fear your name.

6Add day after day to the king’s life;

may his years continuec for many generations.

7May he be enthroned before God forever;

Appoint yourd gracious love and truth to guard him.

8So I will sing songs to your name forever;

I will fulfill my promises day by day.

a 61:T The Heb. lacks A composition
b 61:5 The Heb. lacks to me
c 61:6 The Heb. lacks continue
d 61:7 The Heb. lacks your

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