Psalm 75
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To the Director: To the tune ofa “Do not Destroy!”
A psalm of Asaph. A song.

Praise to God for Justice

1We praise you, God!

We praise youb —your presencec draws near—

as we declare your wonderful deeds.

2“At the time that I choose

I will judge the righteous.d

3While the earth and all its inhabitants melt away,

it is I who keep its pillars firm.”


4I will say to the proud, “Don’t brag,”

and to the wicked,

“Don’t vaunt your strength.e

5Don’t use your strength to fight heavenf

or speak from stubborn arrogance.”g

6For exaltation comes not from the east,

the west, or the wilderness,

7since God is the judge.

This one he will debase or that one he will exalt.

8For there is a cup in the hand of the LORD,

foaming with well-mixed wine

that he will pour out, leaving only the dregs,

from which all the wicked of the earth will drink.

9But as for me, I will declare forever,

singing praise to the God of Jacob.

10I will cut down the strengthh of the wicked,

but the strengthi of the righteous will be lifted up.

a 75:T The Heb. lacks the tune of
b 75:1 The Heb. lacks you
c 75:1 Lit. name
d 75:2 Or judge righteously
e 75:4 Lit. Don’t lift up your horn
f 75:5 Lit. Don’t lift your horns to the height
g 5:5 Lit. speak with a stiff neck
h 75:10 Lit. horn
i 75:10 Lit. horn

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