Psalm 80
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For the Director of Music: According to “The Lilies”. A testimony of Asaph. A psalm.

A Prayer for Jerusalem

1Shepherd of Israel, listen!

The one who leads Joseph like a flock,

the one enthroned on the cherubim,

display your glory.a

2Revealb your power before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh,

then come to our rescue.

3God, restore us,

show your favorc and deliver us.

4LORD God of the Heavenly Armies,

when will your smoldering angerd

toward your people’s prayers cease?e

5You fed them tears as their food,

and caused them to drink a full measure of tears.

6You have set us at strife against our neighbors

and our enemies deride us.

7God of the Heavenly Armies, restore us

and show your favor,f

so we may be delivered.

8You uprooted a vine from Egypt,

and drove out nations to transplant it.

9You cleared the groundg so that its roots grew

and filled the land.

10Mountains were covered by its shadows,

and the mighty cedars by its branches.

11Its branches spread out to the Mediterraneanh Sea

and its shoots to the Euphratesi River.

12Why did you break down its walls

so that those who pass by pluck its fruits?j

13Wild boars of the forest gnaw at it,

and creatures of the field feed on it.

14God of the Heavenly Armies, return!

Look down from heaven and see.

Show carek toward this vine.

15The rootl that your right hand planted,

the shootm that you tended for yourself,

16was burned with fire, cut off,

and destroyed on account of your rebuke.

17May you support the man at your right hand;

the son of man whom you have raised for yourself.

18Then we will not turn away from you.

Restore us, so we can call upon your name.

19God of hosts, restore to us the light of your favor.n

Then we’ll be delivered.

a 80:1 The Heb. lacks your glory
b 80:2 Or rouse, stir up
c 80:3 Lit. cause your face to shine
d 80:4 Lit. Until when will you burn in anger
e 80:4 The Heb. lacks cease
f 80:7 Lit. cause your face to shine
g 80:9 The Heb. lacks ground
h 80:11 The Heb. lacks Mediterranean
i 80:11 The Heb. lacks Euphrates
j 80:12 Heb. lacks its fruits
k 80:14 Lit. Visit
l 80:15 Or stock
m 80:15 Lit. son
n 80:19 Lit. face

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