Psalm 97
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The LORD is King

1The LORD reigns!

Let the earth rejoice!

May many islands be glad!

2Thick clouds are all around him;

righteousness and justice are his throne’s foundation.

3Fire goes out from his presence

to consume his enemies on every side.

4His lightning bolts light the world;

the earth sees and shakes.

5Mountains melt like wax in the LORD’s presence—

In the presence of the LORD of all the earth.

6The heavens declare his righteousness

so that all the nations see his glory.

7All who serve carved images—

and those who praise idols—will be humiliated.

Worship him, all you “gods”!

8Zion hears and rejoices;

the townsa of Judah rejoice

on account of your justice, LORD.

9For you, LORD, are the Most High above all the earth;

you are exalted high above all divine beings.b

10Hate evil, you who love the LORD!

He guards the lives of those who love him,c

delivering them from domination byd the wicked.

11Light shines on the righteous;

gladness on the morally upright.e

12Rejoice in the LORD, you righteous ones!

Give thanks at the mention of his holiness!

a 97:8 Lit. daughters
b 97:9 Or all gods
c 97:10 Or his saints
d 97:10 Lit. from the hand of
e 97:11 Lit. the upright of heart

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