Zephaniah 1
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The Imminent Destruction of Judah

1This message from the LORD came to Cushi’s son Zephaniah,a the grandson of Gedaliah and great-grandson of Hezekiah’s son Amariah, during the reignb of Amon’s son Josiah, king of Judah:

2“I’ll utterly sweep away everything fromc the land,”

declares the LORD.

3“I’ll consume both human beings and animals—

I’ll consume the birds of the sky,

the fish in the sea,

and the wicked along with their sin,d

when I eliminate human beings from the land,”

declares the LORD.

4“I will also stretch out my hand against Judah,

and upon all inhabitants of Jerusalem.

I’ll wipe out every trace of Baal from this place,

and the namee of the pagan priestsf ,

along with my owng priests.

5I’ll wipe outh those who worship the stars

that they viewi from their housetops,

those who bow down and swear to the LORD

and who also swear by Milcom,j

6those who turn away from the LORD,

don’t seek the LORD,

and never ask for his help.k

The Approaching Day of the LORD

7Remain silent in the presence of the Lord GOD,

because the Day of the LORD approaches,

and because the LORD has prepared a sacrifice

for those whom he has invited to be consecrated.

8“It will come about duringl the LORD’s sacrifice

that I’ll punish the officials,m the royal descendants,

and all who wear foreign clothing.n

9At the same time, I’ll punish every idol worshipper,o

especially those who are filling their master’s temple with violence and deceit.

10When all of this happens,”p declares the LORD,

“a loud shriek will comeq from the Fish Gate,

and howling from the Mishnehr Quarter,

along with great destruction from the hills.”

Divine Judgment on the Business Community

11“Wail, you who live in the market district,

because all of the merchants will be crushed

and all of their customerss will be eliminated.t

12And it will come about that I will search Jerusalem with candles,u

punishing the self-satisfied and complacent,

who say to themselves,

‘The LORD will do neither good nor evil.’

13Therefore their possessions will be seized as plunder

and their homes left in ruins.

They may build houses,

but they won’t live in them.

They may plant vineyards,

but they won’t drink their wine.”

Zephaniah’s Description of the Day of the LORD

14“The great Day of the LORD approaches—

How it comes, hurrying faster and faster!

The sound of the Day of the LORD there

includes the bitter cry of the mighty soldier.

15That day will be filled with wrath,

a day of trouble and tribulation,

a day of desolation and devastation,

a day of doom and gloom,

a day of clouds and shadows,v

16a day of trumpet and battle cry

against fortified cites and watchw towers.

17“And I’ll bring so much distress to people

that they will walk around like the blind.

Because they have sinned against the LORD,

their blood will be poured out like dust

and their intestines will spill outx like manure.

18Neither their silver nor their gold will deliver them

in the Day of the LORD’s wrath;

but the entire land will be consumed

by the fire of his jealousy,

for he will bring the inhabitants of the land to a sudden end.”

a 1:1 The Heb. name Zephaniah means The LORD has treasured
b 1:1 Lit. in the days of
c 1:2 Lit. from the face of
d 1:3 Lit. with the heap of rubble
e 1:4 Or authority
f 1:4 Lit. the Chemarim; i.e. idol worshiping priests
g 1:4 The Heb. lacks my own
h 1:5 The Heb. lacks I’ll wipe out
i 1:5 The Heb. lacks that they view
j 1:5 i.e. the national idol of the Ammonites
k 1:6 Lit. and don’t inquire of him
l 1:8 Lit. in the day of
m 1:8 Lit. princes
n 1:8 Or wear cultic vestments
o 1:9 Lit. everyone who leaps over the threshold; cf. 1Sam 5:5
p 1:10 Lit. It will come about in that day
q 1:10 The Heb. lacks will come
r 1:10 Or from The Second; i.e. a section of Jerusalem
s 1:11 Lit. all who carry silver
t 1:11 Lit. be cut off
u 1:12 Or with oil lamps
v 1:15 Cf. Joel 2:2a
w 1:16 Lit. corner
x 1:17 The Heb. lacks will spill out

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