More than Heaven
"A throne was set in Heaven, and One sat on the throne." -- Rev. iv.2.

C. P. C.

tr., Emma Frances Bevan, 1899

Jesus, Lord, in Whom the Father

Tells His heart to me --

Jesus, God Who made the Heavens,

Made the earth to be --

Jesus, Lamb of God once offered

For the guilt of men,

In the Heavens interceding

Till Thou come again --

Jesus, once by God abandoned,

Smitten, cursed for me,

Sentenced at the throne of judgment,

Dying on the tree --

Jesus, risen and ascended,

On the Father's throne,

All the Heaven of Heavens resounding

With Thy Name alone --

There, beholding Thee, forgetting

Sorrow, sin, and care,

Know I not that earth is darkened;

Nor that Heaven is fair --

Songs and psalteries of Heaven

Hushed the while I hear

Thy beloved Voice that speaketh,

Sweet, and still, and near;

That entrancing Song that ever

Thou shalt sing alone --

Joy that Thou hast sought and found me,

Won me for Thine own.

Barred to me that Heavenly Eden

Till the flaming Sword,

In God's righteous wrath uplifted,

Smote Thee, O my Lord.

Led within those gates unguarded,

Paradise is mine;

But the glory and the beauty

Is that love of Thine.

Therefore, O my Lord, I reckon

All things else as loss;

More than Heaven itself is precious,

Memory of Thy Cross.

More than Heaven itself Thou givest

In the desert now,

For the crown of my rejoicing,

Jesus, Lord, art Thou.

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