No More
Gerhard Ter Steegen

Is. lx.20

O past and gone!

How great is God! how small am I!

A mote in the illimitable sky,

Amidst the glory deep, and wide, and high

Of Heaven's unclouded sun.

There to forget myself for evermore;

Lost, swallowed up in Love's immensity,

The sea that knows no sounding and no shore,

God only there, not I.

More near than I unto myself can be,

Art Thou to me;

So have I lost myself in finding Thee,

Have lost myself for ever, O my Sun!

The boundless Heaven of Thine eternal love

Around me, and beneath me, and above;

In glory of that golden day

The former things are passed away --

I, past and gone.

the sabbath year
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