The Last Knock
V. M.

Matt. xi.28

Art thou weary, sad, and lonely

All thy summer past?

One remaineth, and One only --

Hear His Voice at last.

Voice that called thee all unheeded,

Love that knocked in vain;

Now, forsaken, dost thou need it?

Hear that Voice again.

"Open to Me, my beloved,

I have waited long,

Till the night fell on the glory,

Silence on the song;

"Till the brightness and the sweetness,

And the smiles were fled,

Till thy heart was worn and broken --

Till thy love was dead.

"Thou wouldst none of Me, beloved,

Yet beloved wert thou;

Thou didst scorn Me in the sunshine,

Wilt thou have Me now?

"Soul, for thee I left My glory,

Bore the curse of God --

Wept for thee with bitterest weeping,

Agony and blood.

"Soul, for thee I died dishonoured,

As a felon dies;

For thou wert the pearl all priceless

In thy Saviour's eyes.

"Soul, for thee I rose victorious,

Glad that thou wert free;

Entered Heaven in triumph glorious --

Heaven I won for thee.

"Soul, from Heaven I speak to woo thee --

Thee, the lost, the lone;

Earth may fail thee, sin undo thee,

All the more Mine own.

"Sorrow, sin, and desolation,

These thy claim to Me;

Love that won thee full salvation,

This My claim to thee.

"Soul, I knock, I stand beseeching,

Turn me not away;

Heart that craves thee, love that needs thee --

Wilt thou say Me nay?"

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