Whiter than Snow
Gerhard Ter Steegen

Heb. iv.14

To heart and soul how sweet Thou art,

O great High Priest of God!

My heart brought nigh to God's own heart

By Thy most precious blood.

No more my countless sins shall rise

To fill me with dismay --

That precious blood before His eyes

Hath put them all away.

My soul draws near with trust secure,

With boldness glad and free;

What matters it that I am poor,

For I am rich in Thee.

Forgotten every stain and spot,

Their memory past and gone,

For me, O God, Thou seest not,

Thou lookest on Thy Son.

Is all a dream? Thou canst not lie,

Thy Spirit and Thy Blood

Proclaim to sinners such as I

The boundless love of God.

They tell Thy love, so deep, so free,

They tell the Father's heart --

Not what I am, or I must be,

They tell me what Thou art.

Come, weary sinners, great and small,

The open door stands wide,

Thy blessed heart that welcomes all,

O Lamb of God, who died.

the ark of god
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