Submission to Divine Providence in the Death of Children

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2 KINGS IV. 25, 26.

I. THERE is surely Reason, in such a Case, to say it is well,--because GOD doth it.

II. PIOUS PARENTS, under such a Dispensation, may conclude it is well for them in particular,--because he, who hath done it, is their Covenant GOD.

III. PIOUS PARENTS, in such a Circumstance, have farther Reason to say, It is well,--as they may observe an apparent Tendency in such a Dispensation to teach them a Variety of the most instructive and useful Lessons, in a very convincing and effectual Manner.

1. WHEN GOD takes away our Children from us, it is a very affecting Lesson of the Vanity of the World.

2. THE Removal of our Children by such awful Strokes may warn us of the Approach of our own Death.

3. THE Providence before us may be farther improved to quicken us in the Duties of Life, and especially in the Education of surviving Children.

4. THE Providence before us may have a special Tendency to improve our Resignation to the Divine Will; and if it does so, it will indeed be well.

IV. THAT pious Parents have Reason to hope it is well with those dear Creatures who are taken away in their early Days.

1. LET pious Parents, who have lost hopeful Children in a maturer Age, join with others in saying, It is well.

2. FROM what we have heard, let us learn not to think of the Loss of our Children with a slavish Dread.

3. LET us not sink in hopeless Sorrow, or break out into clamorous Complaints, if GOD has brought this heavy Affliction upon us.

4. LET those of us who are under the Rod, be very solicitous to improve it aright, that in the End it may indeed be well.


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