the Epistles of Saint Gregory the Great

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Register of the Epistles of Saint Gregory the Great.

Book I.

Epistle II. To Justinus, Prætor of Sicily.

Epistle III. To Paul, Scholasticus.

Epistle IV. To John, Bishop of Constantinople .

Epistle V. To Theoctista, Sister of the Emperor.

Epistle VI. To Narses, Patrician .

Epistle VII. To Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch .

Epistle IX. To Peter the Subdeacon.

Epistle X. To Bacauda and Agnellus, Bishops.

Epistle XI. To Clementina, Patrician .

Epistle XII. To John, Bishop of Urbs Vetus (Orvieto).

Epistle XVI. To Severus, Bishop of Aquileia .

Epistle XVII. To all the Bishops of Italy.

Epistle XVIII. To Peter the Subdeacon.

Epistle XIX. To Natalis, Bishop of Salona .

Epistle XX. To Honoratus, Deacon of Salona.

Epistle XXI. To Natalis, Bishop of Salona .

Epistle XXV. To John, Bishop of Constantinople, and the Other Patriarchs.

Epistle XXVI. To Anastasius, Patriarch of Antioch.

Epistle XXVII. To Anastasius, Archbishop of Corinth.

Epistle XXVIII. To Sebastian, Bishop of Rhisinum [in Dalmatia].

Epistle XXIX. To Aristobulus, Ex-Prefect and Antigraphus .

Epistle XXXIII. To Romanus, Patrician, and Exarch of Italy.

Epistle XXXIV. To Venantius, Ex-Monk, Patrician of Syracuse .

Epistle XXXV. To Peter, Bishop of Terracina.

Epistle XXXVI. To Peter the Subdeacon.

Epistle XXXIX. To Anthemius, Subdeacon .

Epistle XLI. To Peter, Subdeacon.

Epistle XLII. To Anthemius, Subdeacon .

Epistle XLIII. To Leander Bishop of Hispalis (Seville) .

Epistle XLIV. To Peter, Subdeacon of Sicily.

Epistle XLVI. To Peter the Subdeacon.

Epistle XLVII. To Virgilius, Bishop of Arelate (Arles) and Theodorus, Bishop of Massilia (Marseilles).

Epistle XLVIII. To Theodorus, Duke of Sardinia.

Epistle XLIX. To Honoratus, Deacon .

Epistle L. To Anthemius the Subdeacon .

Epistle LII. To Symmachus the Defensor .

Epistle LVI. To Peter, Subdeacon.

Epistle LVII. To Severus, Bishop.

Epistle LVIII. To Arsicinus Duke, the Clergy, Nobility, and Common People (ordini et plebi) of the City of Ariminum.

Epistle LXI. To Gennadius, Patrician and Exarch of Africa.

Epistle LXII. To Januarius, Archbishop of Caralis (Cagliari) in Sardinia.

Epistle LXIII. To Januarius, Bishop of Caralis (Cagliari) in Sardinia .

Epistle LXVI. To Felix, Bishop of Messana (Messene).

Epistle LXVII. To Peter, Subdeacon.

Epistle LXXII. To Peter, Subdeacon.

Epistle LXXIV. To Gennadius, Patrician and Exarch of Africa.

Epistle LXXV. To Gennadius, Patrician, and Exarch throughout Africa.

Epistle LXXVII. To All the Bishops of Numidia.

Epistle LXXVIII. To Leo, Bishop in Corsica.

Epistle LXXIX. To Martinus, Bishop in Corsica.

Epistle LXXX. To the Clergy and Nobles of Corsica.

Book II. Epistle III. To Velox, Magister Militium.

Epistle VI. To the Neapolitans.

Epistle VII. To Maximianus, Bishop of Syracuse .

Epistle IX. To the Neapolitans.

Epistle X. To Paulus, Bishop of Naples .

Epistle XII. To Castorius, Bishop of Ariminum.

Epistle XV. To Paul, Bishop.

Epistle XVIII. To Natalis, Bishop of Salona .

Epistle XIX. To all the Bishops of Dalmatia.

Epistle XX. To Antoninus, Subdeacon .

Epistle XXII. To all the Bishops of Illyricum.

Epistle XXIII. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XXVI. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XXVII. To Rusticiana, Patrician .

Epistle XXIX. To Maurilius and Vitalianus .

Epistle XXX. To Maurilius and Vitalianus.

Epistle XXXII. To Peter, Subdeacon of Sicily.

Epistle XXXIII. To Justinus, Prætor .

Epistle XXXIV. To Maximianus, Bishop of Syracuse.

Epistle XXXVI. To the Abbot Eusebius.

Epistle XXXVII. To John, Bishop of Squillacium (Squillace, in Calabria).

Epistle XLI. To Castorius, Bishop.

Epistle XLII. To Luminosus, Abbot.

Epistle XLVI. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XLVII. To Dominicus, Bishop.

Epistle XLVIII. To Columbus, Bishop .

Epistle XLIX. To Januarius, Archbishop.

Epistle LI. To All Bishops.

Epistle LII. To Natalis, Bishop .

Epistle LIV. Here follows the Epistle of Saint Licinianus, bishop, concerning the Book of Rules, addressed to Saint Gregory, pope of the city of Rome .

Book III. Epistle I. To Peter, Subdeacon.

Epistle II. To Paulus, Bishop .

Epistle III. To John, Abbot .

Epistle V. To Peter, Subdeacon.

Epistle VI. To John, Bishop.

Epistle VII. To John, Bishop.

Epistle VIII. To Natalis, Archbishop.

Epistle IX. To Antoninus, Subdeacon .

Epistle X. To Savinus, Subdeacon .

Epistle XII. To Maximianus, Bishop.

Epistle XV. To Scholasticus, Judge.

Epistle XXII. To Antoninus, Subdeacon.

Epistle XXIX. To the Presbyters and Clergy of Mediolanum (Milan) .

Epistle XXX. To John, Subdeacon.

Epistle XXXI. To Romanus, Patrician.

Epistle XXXII. To Honoratus, Archdeacon.

Epistle XXXIII. To Dynamius, Patrician.

Epistle XXXV. To Peter, Subdeacon.

Epistle XXXVI. To Sabinus, Guardian (Defensorem).

Epistle XXXVIII. To Libertinus, Præfect .

Epistle XLV. To Andrew, Bishop.

Epistle XLVI. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XLVII. To the Clergy of the Church of Salona .

Epistle XLVIII. To Columbus, Bishop .

Epistle XLIX. To Adeodatus, Bishop.

Epistle LI. To Maximianus, Bishop.

Epistle LIII. To John, Bishop.

Epistle LVI. To John, Bishop.

Epistle LVII. From John, Bishop of Ravenna to Pope Gregory .

Epistle LIX. To Secundinus, Bishop.

Epistle LX. To Italica, Patrician .

Epistle LXV. To Mauricius Augustus .

Epistle LXVI. To Theodorus, Physician.

Epistle LXVII. To Domitian, Metropolitan .

Book IV. Epistle I. To Constantius, Bishop.

Epistle II. To Constantius, Bishop.

Epistle III. To Constantius, Bishop.

Epistle IV. To Queen Theodelinda.

Epistle V. To Boniface, Bishop.

Epistle VI. To Cyprian, Deacon.

Epistle VII. To Gennadius, Patrician.

Epistle VIII. To Januarius, Bishop.

Epistle IX. To Januarius, Bishop.

Epistle X. To All the Bishops of Dalmatia.

Epistle XI. To Maximianus, Bishop.

Epistle XV. To Januarius, Bishop.

Epistle XVIII. To Maurus, Abbot.

Epistle XX. To Maximus, Pretender (Præsumptorem) .

Epistle XXI. To Venantius, Bishop.

Epistle XXIII. To Hospito, Duke of the Barbaricini .

Epistle XXIV. To Zabardas, Duke of Sardinia.

Epistle XXV. To the Nobles and Proprietors in Sardinia.

Epistle XXVI. To Januarius, Bishop.

Epistle XXVII. To Januarius, Bishop.

Epistle XXIX. To Januarius, Bishop.

Epistle XXX. To Constantina Augusta.

Epistle XXXI. To Theodorus, Physician.

Epistle XXXII. To Narses the Patrician.

Epistle XXXIII. To Anthemius, Subdeacon.

Epistle XXXIV. To Pantaleo, Præfect.

Epistle XXXV. To Victor and Columbus, Bishops .

Epistle XXXVI. To Leo, Bishop.

Epistle XXXVIII. To Queen Theodelinda.

Epistle XXXIX. To Constantius, Bishop.

Epistle XLVI. To Rusticiana, Patrician.

Epistle XLVII. To Sabinianus, Deacon .

Book V. Epistle II. To Felix, Bishop, and Cyriacus, Abbot .

Epistle IV. To Constantius, Bishop.

Epistle V. To Dominicus, Bishop.

Epistle VIII. To Cyprian, Deacon.

Epistle XI. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XV. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XVII. To Cyprian, Deacon .

Epistle XVIII. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XIX. To Sabinianus, Deacon .

Epistle XX. To Mauricius Augustus.

Epistle XXI. To Constantina Augusta .

Epistle XXIII. To Castorius, Notary.

Epistle XXV. To Severus, Bishop.

Epistle XXVI. To the people of Ravenna.

Epistle XXIX. To Vincomalus, Guardian (Defensorem) .

Epistle XXX. To Mauricius Augustus.

Epistle XXXVI. To Severus, Scholasticus

Epistle XXXIX. To Anastasius, Bishop .

Epistle XL. To Mauricius Augustus.

Epistle XLI. To Constantina Augusta.

Epistle XLII. To Sebastian, Bishop.

Epistle XLIII. To Eulogius and Anastasius, Bishops.

Epistle XLVIII. To Andrew, Scholasticus .

Epistle XLIX. To Leander, Bishop.

Epistle LII. To John, Archbishop.

Epistle LIII. To Virgilius, Bishop.

Epistle LIV. To all the Bishops of the Kingdom of Childebert.

Epistle LV. To King Childebert.

Epistle LVI. To Marinianus, Bishop.

Epistle LVII. To John, Bishop.

Epistle LVIII. To all the Bishops throughout Helladia .

Book VI. Epistle I. To Marinianus, Bishop.

Epistle II. To the Clergy and People of Ravenna.

Epistle III. To Maximus of Salona.

Epistle V. To Queen Brunichild.

Epistle VI. To King Childebert.

Epistle VII. To Candidus, Presbyter.

Epistle VIII. To the Bishops of Epirus.

Epistle IX. To Donus, Bishop.

Epistle XII. To Montana and Thomas.

Epistle XIV. To the Count Narses .

Epistle XV. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XVI. To Mauricius, Augustus.

Epistle XVII. To Theotistus.

Epistle XVIII. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XXII. To Peter, Bishop.

Epistle XXIV. To Marinianus, Bishop.

Epistle XXV. To Maximus of Salona.

Epistle XXVI. To the Salonitans.

Epistle XXVII. To the Clergy and People of Jadera .

Epistle XXIX. To Marinianus, Bishop.

Epistle XXX. To Secundus.

Epistle XXXII. To Fortunatus, Bishop.

Epistle XXXIV. To Castorius, Notary.

Epistle XXXV. To Anthemius, Subdeacon.

Epistle XXXVII. To Columbus, Bishop.

Epistle XLIII. To Venantius, Patrician.

Epistle XLIV. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XLVI. To Felix, Bishop of Pisaurum (Pesaro).

Epistle XLVIII. To Urbicus, Abbot.

Epistle XLIX. To Palladius, Bishop.

Epistle L. To Queen Brunichild.

Epistle LI. To the Brethren going to England (Angliam) .

Epistle LII. To Pelagius and Serenus, Bishops.

Epistle LIII. To Virgilius, Bishop.

Epistle LIV. To Desiderius and Syagrius, Bishops.

Epistle LV. To Protasius, Bishop.

Epistle LVI. To Stephen, Abbot .

Epistle LVII. To Arigius, Patrician .

Epistle LVIII. To Theodoric and Theodebert .

Epistle LIX. To Brunichild, Queen of the Franks.

Epistle LX. To Eulogius, Bishop.

Epistle LXI. To Castorius, Notary .

Epistle LXIII. To Gennadius, Patrician .

Epistle LXV. To Mauricius, Emperor.

Epistle LXVI. To Athanasius, Presbyter.

Book VII. Epistle II. To Columbus, Bishop.

Epistle IV. To Cyriacus, Bishop.

Epistle V. To Cyriacus, Bishop.

Epistle VI. To Mauricius Augustus.

Epistle VII. To Peter, Domitian, and Elpidius.

Epistle XI. To Rufinus, Bishop of Ephesus.

Epistle XII. To Respecta, Abbess.

Epistle XIII. To Fortunatus, Bishop.

Epistle XV. To George, Presbyter.

Epistle XVII. To Sabinianus, Bishop.

Epistle XIX. To Marinianus, Archbishop.

Epistle XX. To the Clergy and People Ariminum .

Epistle XXIII. To Fortunatus and Anthemius .

Epistle XXV. To Gregoria.

Epistle XXVI. To Theoctista, Patrician

Epistle XXVII. To Anastasius, Bishop.

Epistle XXVIII. To Theodore, Physician.

Epistle XXX. To Narses, the Religious (Narsæ Relegioso) .

Epistle XXXI. To Cyriacus, Bishop.

Epistle XXXII. To Anastasius, Presbyter .

Epistle XXXIII. To Mauricius Augustus.

Epistle XXXIV. To Eulogius, Bishop.

Epistle XXXV. To Dominicus, Bishop.

Epistle XXXVIII. To Donus, Bishop.

Epistle XXXIX. To John, Bishop.

Epistle XL. To Eulogius, Bishop.

Epistle XLII. To Marinianus, Bishop.

Epistle XLIII. To Marinianus, Bishop.

Book VIII. Epistle I. To Peter, Bishop.

Epistle II. To Anastasius, Bishop of Antioch.

Epistle III. To Donus, Bishop of Messana (in Sicily).

Epistle V. To various Metropolitans and Bishops .

Epistle VI. To Amos, Patriarch of Jerusalem.

Epistle X. To Sabinianus, Bishop of Jadera .

Epistle XIII. To Columbus.

Epistle XIV. To Boniface, First Guardian (Defensorem).

Epistle XV. To Marinianus, Bishop of Ravenna.

Epistle XVII. To Maurentius.

Epistle XVIII. To Agnellus, Bishop of Terracina.

Epistle XX. To Marinianus, Bishop of Ravenna.

Epistle XXI. To John, Bishop of Syracuse.

Epistle XXII. To Rusticiana, Patrician .

Epistle XXIII. To Fantinus, Guardian (Defensorem).

Epistle XXIV. To Sabinianus, Bishop of Jadera .

Epistle XXIX. To Eulogius, Bishop of Alexandria.

Epistle XXX. To Eulogius, Bishop of Alexandria.

Epistle XXXIII. To Dominicus.

Epistle XXXIV. To John Bishop of Scyllacium .

Epistle XXXV. To Leontius, Ex-Consul.

General Literature

Regula Pastoralis.

Registrum Epistolarum.

Book IX. Epistle I. To Januarius, Bishop of Caralis (Cagliari).

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