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No.2. The First Blast of the Trumpet &c.


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15 August 1878.


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The First Blast of the Trumpet &c.



The wonderful silence of the godly and zealous preachers, the learned men and of grave judgment, now in exile, that they do not admonish the inhabitants of "greate Brittanny" how abominable before GOD is the Empire or Rule of Wicked Woman, yea, of a traitress and bastard.3

This is contrary to the examples of the ancient prophets.4

I am assured that GOD hath revealed unto some in this our age, that it is more than a monster in nature that a Woman shall reign and have empire above Man.5


Why no such doctrine ought to be published in these our dangerous days.

(a) It may seem to tend to sedition.5

(b) It shall be dangerous not only to the writer or publisher, but to all as shall read the writings, or favour this truth spoken.6

(c) It shall not amend the chief offenders, because

1. It shall never come to their ears 7

2. They will not be admonished.7

If any think that the Empire of Women is not of such importance that for the surpressing of the same any man is bound to hazard his life: I answer, that to suppress it, is in the hand of GOD alone; but to utter the impiety and abomination of the same, I say, it is the duty of every true messenger of GOD to whom the truth is revealed in that behalf.6

The First Blast to awake Women degenerate.



The Proposition. To promote a Woman to bear rule, superiority, dominion or empire above any realm, nation or city is

A. Repugnant to nature.

B. Contumely to GOD.

C. The subversion of good order, of all equity and justice.11

A. Men illuminated only by the light of nature have seen and determined that it is a thing most repugnant to nature, that Women rule and govern over men.12-15

B.1. Woman in her greatest perfection was made to serve and obey man, not to rule and command him.15

2. After the fall, she was made subject to man by the irrevocable sentence of GOD.

In which sentence there are two parts.

(a) A dolour, anguish and pain as oft as ever she shall be a mother.15

(b) A subjection of her self, her appetites and will to her husband and his will.

From the former part of this malediction can neither art, nobility, policy nor law made by man deliver women: but, alas, ignorance of GOD, ambition and tyranny have studied to abolish and destroy the second part of GOD's punishment.15

3. This subjection, understood by many to be that of the wife to the husband, is extended by Saint Paul to women in general 16-19

To which consent Tertullian, Augustine, Ambrose, Chrysostom, Basil.19-26

4. The two other Mirrors, in which we may behold the order of Nature.

(a) The natural body of man 27-32

(b) The civil body of that Commonwealth [of the Jews] in which GOD by his own word hath appointed an order.32-34

C. The Empire of a Woman is a thing repugnant to justice, and the destruction of every commonwealth where it is received.35

(a) If justice be a constant and perpetual will to give to every person their own right: then to give or to will to give to any person that which is not their right, must repugn to justice. But to reign above Man can never be the right to Woman: because it is a thing denied unto her by GOD, as is before declared.35

(b) Whatsoever repugneth to the will of GOD expressed in His most sacred word, repugneth to justice. That Women have authority over Men repugneth to the will of GOD expressed in His word. Therefore all such authority repugneth to justice.36


1. The examples of Deborah [Judges iv.4] and Huldah [2 Kings xxii 14.] 38-44

2. The law of Moses for the daughters of Zelophehad [Numb. xxvii.7, and xxxvi.11] 44-47

3. The consent of the Estates of such realms as have approved the Empire and Regiment of Women.47-48

4 [The long custom which hath received the Regiment of Women. The valiant acts and prosperity. Together with some Papistical laws which have confirmed the same.

*^** This objection was not directly replied to; but instead, the two following ones.]

(a) Albeit Women may not absolutely reign by themselves; because they may neither sit in judgment, neither pronounce sentence, neither execute any public office: yet may they do all such things by their Lieutenants, Deputies, and Judges substitutes.48-50

(b) A woman born to rule over any realm, may choose her a husband; and to him she may transfer and give her authority and right.48-50


And now to put an end to the First Blast. Seeing that by the Order of Nature; by the malediction and curse pronounced against Woman; by the mouth of Saint Paul, the interpreter of GOD's sentence; by the example of that Commonwealth in which GOD by His word planted order and policy; and finally, by the judgment of the most godly writers: GOD hath dejected women from rule, dominion, empire and authority above man. Moreover, seeing that neither the example of Deborah, neither the law made for the daughters of Zelophehad, neither yet the foolish consent of an ignorant multitude: be able to justify that which GOD so plainly hath condemned. Let all men take heed what quarrel and cause from henceforth they do defend. If GOD raise up any noble heart to vindicate the liberty of his country and to suppress the monstrous Empire of Women: let all such as shall presume to defend them in the same, most certainly know; that in so doing they lift their hand against GOD, and that one day they shall find His power to fight against their foolishness.

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