The Household Library of Exposition
{Transcriber's Note: The following list of books has been moved from the front to the back of the book to make the beginning more reader-friendly.}

=The Life of David as Reflected in his Psalms.= By ALEXANDER MACLAREN, D.D. Ninth Edition.3s. 6d.

=Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.= By MARCUS DODS, D.D. Sixth Thousand.3s. 6d.

=The Last Supper of our Lord, and His Words of Consolation to the Disciples.= By Principal J. MARSHALL LANG, D.D. Third Edition.3s. 6d.

=The Speeches of the Holy Apostles.= By the Rev. DONALD FRASER, D.D., London. Second Edition.3s. 6d.

=The Galilean Gospel.= By the Rev. Professor A.B. BRUCE, D.D. Fourth Edition.3s. 6d.

=The Lamb of God: Expositions in the Writings of St. John.= By W.R. NICOLL, M.A., LL.D. Second Thousand.2s. 6d.

=The Lord's Prayer.= By CHARLES STANFORD, D.D. Fourth Thousand.3s. 6d.

=The Parables of our Lord. First Series.= As Recorded by St. Matthew. By MARCUS DODS, D.D. Twelfth Thousand.3s. 6d.

=The Parables of our Lord. Second Series.= As Recorded by St. Luke. By the same Author. Tenth Thousand.3s. 6d.

=The Law of the Ten Words.= By Principal J. OSWALD DYKES, D.D. Fourth Thousand.3s. 6d.


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