The House of Prayer. --Isaiah Lvi. 7

James Montgomery

The House of Prayer. -- Isaiah lvi.7.

"My House shall be an House of Prayer

For all that live, to worship there:"

Thus saith the Lord: -- how answer we?

"Thine House, our House of Prayer shall be."

"Wherever I my Name record,

There will I meet Thee," saith the Lord;

Thee in Thine House of Prayer we meet;

Now bless us from the Mercy-seat.

Thus spake the Lord -- "My Son, to Thee

Swear every tongue, bow every knee:"

Father, by us Thy will be done,

We bow the knee and "Kiss the Son."

His throne and kingdom thus advance,

The world be His inheritance;

Then, for all people every where,

Thine House shall be an House of Prayer.

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