The Confidence of Prayer. --Matt. xiv. 22

James Montgomery

The Confidence of Prayer. -- Matt. xiv.22.

Why thus, my soul, cast down?

And why disquieted?

Black though the tempest frown,

The surge pass o'er thy head;

Wait the fourth watch; -- for One who saves

Comes to thee, walking on the waves.

Lord! Lord! if it be Thou,

Bid me come down to Thee;

Jesus! I know Thee now,

And walk upon the sea;

Faith fails; ah me! the gulf runs high,

Save, Lord, I sink! O save, I die!

I grasp thy outstretch'd hand;

We climb the vessel's side;

And lo! we touch the land,

The storm is pacified;

While winds and waves thy voice obey,

Oh! why am I more deaf than they?

Why, when I know Thy will

Is my salvation, Lord,

When Thou says't "Peace, be still!"

How can I doubt Thy word?

Speak with that all-commanding might,

Which said to darkness, -- "Be thou light!"

Speak with that power, which said

To Peter, "Follow me!"

Call'd Lazarus from the dead;

Then must I yield to Thee,

For Thee, like Peter, all forsake.

Like Lazarus, from the dead awake.

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