Theophilus to Autolycus

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Theophilus to Autolycus: Book I.

Chapter I.--Autolycus an Idolater and Scorner of Christians.

Chapter II.--That the Eyes of the Soul Must Be Purged Ere God Can Be Seen.

Chapter III.--Nature of God.

Chapter IV.--Attributes of God.

Chapter V.--The Invisible God Perceived Through His Works.

Chapter VI.--God is Known by His Works.

Chapter VII.--We Shall See God When We Put on Immortality.

Chapter VIII.--Faith Required in All Matters.

Chapter IX.--Immoralities of the Gods.

Chapter X.--Absurdities of Idolatry.

Chapter XI.--The King to Be Honoured, God to Be Worshipped.

Chapter XII.--Meaning of the Name Christian.

Chapter XIII.--The Resurrection Proved by Examples.

Chapter XIV.--Theophilus an Example of Conversion.

Theophilus to Autolycus: Book II.

Chapter I.--Occasion of Writing This Book.

Chapter II.--The Gods are Despised When They are Made; But Become Valuable When Bought.

Chapter III.--What Has Become of the Gods?

Chapter IV.--Absurd Opinions of the Philosophers Concerning God.

Chapter V.--Opinions of Homer and Hesiod Concerning the Gods.

Chapter VI.--Hesiod on the Origin of the World.

Chapter VII.--Fabulous Heathen Genealogies.

Chapter VIII.-- Opinions Concerning Providence.

Chapter IX.--The Prophets Inspired by the Holy Ghost.

Chapter X.--The World Created by God Through the Word.

Chapter XI.--The Six Days' Work Described.

Chapter XII.--The Glory of the Six Days' Work.

Chapter XIII.--Remarks on the Creation of the World.

Chapter XIV.--The World Compared to the Sea.

Chapter XV.--Of the Fourth Day.

Chapter XVI.--Of the Fifth Day.

Chapter XVII.--Of the Sixth Day.

Chapter XVIII.--The Creation of Man.

Chapter XIX.--Man is Placed in Paradise.

Chapter XX.--The Scriptural Account of Paradise.

Chapter XXI.--Of the Fall of Man.

Chapter XXII.--Why God is Said to Have Walked.

Chapter XXIII.--The Truth of the Account in Genesis.

Chapter XXIV.--The Beauty of Paradise.

Chapter XXV.--God Was Justified in Forbidding Man to Eat of the Tree of Knowledge.

Chapter XXVI.--God's Goodness in Expelling Man from Paradise.

Chapter XXVII.--The Nature of Man.

Chapter XXVIII.--Why Eve Was Formed of Adam's Rib.

Chapter XXIX.--Cain's Crime.

Chapter XXX.--Cain's Family and Their Inventions.

Chapter XXXI.--The History After the Flood.

Chapter XXXII.--How the Human Race Was Dispersed.

Chapter XXXIII.--Profane History Gives No Account of These Matters.

Chapter XXXIV.--The Prophets Enjoined Holiness of Life.

Chapter XXXV.--Precepts from the Prophetic Books.

Chapter XXXVI.--Prophecies of the Sibyl.

Chapter XXXVII.--The Testimonies of the Poets.

Chapter XXXVIII.--The Teachings of the Greek Poets and Philosophers Confirmatory of Those of the Hebrew Prophets.

Theophilus to Autolycus: Book III.

Chapter I.--Autolycus Not Yet Convinced.

Chapter II.--Profane Authors Had No Means of Knowing the Truth.

Chapter III.--Their Contradictions.

Chapter IV.--How Autolycus Had Been Misled by False Accusations Against the Christians.

Chapter V.--Philosophers Inculcate Cannibalism.

Chapter VI.--Other Opinions of the Philosophers.

Chapter VII.--Varying Doctrine Concerning the Gods.

Chapter VIII.--Wickedness Attributed to the Gods by Heathen Writers.

Chapter IX.--Christian Doctrine of God and His Law.

Chapter X.--Of Humanity to Strangers.

Chapter XI.--Of Repentance.

Chapter XII.--Of Righteousness.

Chapter XIII.--Of Chastity.

Chapter XIV.--Of Loving Our Enemies.

Chapter XV.--The Innocence of the Christians Defended.

Chapter XVI.--Uncertain Conjectures of the Philosophers.

Chapter XVII.--Accurate Information of the Christians.

Chapter XVIII.--Errors of the Greeks About the Deluge.

Chapter XIX.--Accurate Account of the Deluge.

Chapter XX.--Antiquity of Moses.

Chapter XXI.--Of Manetho's Inaccuracy.

Chapter XXII.--Antiquity of the Temple.

Chapter XXIII.--Prophets More Ancient Than Greek Writers.

Chapter XXIV.--Chronology from Adam.

Chapter XXV.--From Saul to the Captivity.

Chapter XXVI.--Contrast Between Hebrew and Greek Writings.

Chapter XXVII.--Roman Chronology to the Death of M. Aurelius.

Chapter XXVIII.--Leading Chronological Epochs.

Chapter XXIX.--Antiquity of Christianity.

Chapter XXX.--Why the Greeks Did Not Mention Our Histories.

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