Self-Righteousness Insufficient.
1 "Where are the mourners, [1] (saith the Lord)
"That wait and tremble at my word,
"That walk in darkness all the day?
"Come, make my name your trust and stay.

2 ["No works nor duties of your own
"Can for the smallest sin atone;
"The robes [2] that nature may provide
"Will not your least pollutions hide.

3 "The softest couch that nature knows
"Can give the conscience no repose:
"Look to my righteousness, and live;
"Comfort and peace are mine to give.]

4 "Ye sons of pride that kindle coals
"With your own hands to warm your souls,
"Walk in the light of your own fire,
"Enjoy the sparks that ye desire.

5 "This is your portion at my hands;
"Hell waits you with her iron bands,
"Ye shall lie down in sorrow there,
"In death, in darkness, and despair."

[1] Isaiah 1:10-11. [2] Isaiah 28:20.

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