Isaiah 35
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1They rejoice from the wilderness and dry place, "" And the desert rejoices, "" And flourishes as the rose,

2Flourishing it flourishes, and rejoices, "" Indeed, [with] joy and singing, "" The glory of Lebanon has been given to it, "" The beauty of Carmel and Sharon, "" They see the glory of YHWH, "" The majesty of our God.

3Strengthen the feeble hands, "" Indeed, strengthen the stumbling knees.

4Say to the hurried of heart, “Be strong, "" Do not fear, behold, your God; vengeance comes, "" The repayment of God, "" He Himself comes and saves you.”

5Then eyes of the blind are opened, "" And ears of the deaf are unstopped,

6Then the lame leap as a deer, "" And the tongue of the mute sings, "" For waters have been broken up in a wilderness, "" And streams in a desert.

7And the mirage has become a pond, "" And the thirsty land—fountains of waters, "" In the habitation of dragons, "" Its place of lying down, "" A court for reed and rush.

8And a highway has been there, and a way, "" And it is called the “Way of Holiness.” The unclean do not pass over it, "" And He Himself [is] by them, "" Whoever is going in the way—even fools do not err.

9No lion is there, "" Indeed, a destructive beast does not ascend it, "" It is not found there, "" And the redeemed have walked,

10And the ransomed of YHWH return, "" And have entered Zion with singing, "" And [with] continuous joy on their head, "" They attain joy and gladness, "" And sorrow and sighing have fled away!

Literal Standard Version
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