Isaiah 46
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1Bel has bowed down, Nebo is stooping, "" Their idols have been for the beast and for livestock, "" Your burdens are loaded, a burden to the weary.

2They have stooped, they have bowed together, "" They have not been able to deliver the burden, "" And have gone into captivity themselves.

3“Listen to Me, O house of Jacob, "" And all the remnant of Israel, "" Who are borne from the belly, "" Who are carried from the womb,

4Even to old age, I [am] He, and to grey hairs I carry, "" I made, and I bear, indeed, I carry and deliver.

5To whom do you liken Me, and make equal? And compare Me, that we may be like?

6They are pouring out gold from a bag, "" And they weigh silver on the beam, "" They hire a refiner, and he makes it a god, "" They fall down, indeed, they bow themselves.

7They lift him up on the shoulder, "" They carry him, and cause him to rest in his place, "" And he stands, he does not move from his place, "" Indeed, one cries to him, and he does not answer, "" He does not save him from his adversity.

8Remember this, and show yourselves men, "" Turn [it] back, O transgressors, to the heart.

9Remember former things of old, "" For I [am] Mighty, and there is none else, "" God—and there is none like Me.

10Declaring the latter end from the beginning, "" And from of old that which has not been done, "" Saying, My counsel stands, "" And all My delight I do.

11Calling a ravenous bird from the east, "" The man of My counsel from a far land, "" Indeed, I have spoken, indeed, I bring it in, "" I have formed [it], indeed, I do it.

12Listen to Me, you mighty in heart, "" Who are far from righteousness.

13I have brought My righteousness near, "" It is not far off, "" And My salvation—it does not linger, "" And I have given salvation in Zion, "" For Israel My glory!”

Literal Standard Version
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