Isaiah 64
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1Did You not tear the heavens? You came down, "" Mountains flowed from Your presence,

2(As fire kindles stubble—Fire causes water to boil), "" To make Your Name known to Your adversaries, "" Nations tremble from Your presence.

3In Your doing fearful things [that] we do not expect, "" You came down, "" Mountains flowed from Your presence.

4Even from antiquity [men] have not heard, "" They have not given ear, "" Eye has not seen a God except You, "" He works for those waiting for Him.

5You have met with the rejoicer "" And the doer of righteousness, "" In Your ways they remember You, "" Behold, You have been angry when we sin, "" By them [is] continuance, and we are saved.

6And we are as unclean—all of us, "" And all our righteous acts [are] as garments of menstruation; And we fade as a leaf—all of us. And our iniquities take us away as wind.

7And there is none calling on Your Name, "" Stirring himself up to lay hold on You, "" For You have hid Your face from us, "" And You melt us away by our iniquities.

8And now, O YHWH, You [are] our Father, "" We [are] the clay, and You [are] our Framer, "" And the work of Your hand—all of us.

9Do not be angry, O YHWH, very severely, "" Nor remember iniquity forever, "" Behold, look attentively, we implore You, "" We [are] all Your people.

10Your holy cities have been a wilderness, "" Zion has been a wilderness, "" Jerusalem a desolation.

11Our holy and our beautiful house, "" Where our fathers praised You, "" Has become burned with fire, "" And all our desirable things have become a ruin.

12Do You refrain Yourself for these, YHWH? You are silent, and afflict us very severely!

Literal Standard Version
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