Job 22
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1And Eliphaz the Temanite answers and says:

2“Is a man profitable to God, "" Because a wise man is profitable to himself?

3Is it a delight to the Mighty One "" That you are righteous? Is it gain, "" That you make your ways perfect?

4Because of your reverence "" Does He reason [with] you? He enters with you into judgment:

5Is your wickedness not abundant? And there is no end to your iniquities.

6For you take a pledge of your brother for nothing, "" And you strip off the garments of the naked.

7You do not cause the weary to drink water, "" And you withhold bread from the hungry.

8As for the man of arm—he has the earth, "" And the accepted of face—he dwells in it.

9You have sent widows away empty, "" And the arms of the fatherless are bruised.

10Therefore snares [are] all around you, "" And sudden fear troubles you.

11Or darkness—you do not see, "" And abundance of waters covers you.

12Is God not high [in] the heavens? And see the summit of the stars, "" That they are high.

13And you have said, How has God known? Does He judge through thickness?

14Thick clouds [are] a secret place to Him, "" And He does not see, "" And He habitually walks [above] the circle of the heavens.

15Do you observe the path of the age, "" That men of iniquity have trodden,

16Who have been cut down unexpectedly? A flood is poured out on their foundation.

17Those saying to God, Turn aside from us, "" And what does the Mighty One do to them?

18And He has filled their houses [with] good (And the counsel of the wicked "" Has been far from me).

19The righteous see and they rejoice, "" And the innocent mocks at them:

20Surely our substance has not been cut off, "" And fire has consumed their excellence.

21Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace, "" Thereby your increase [is] good.

22Please receive a law from His mouth, "" And set His sayings in your heart.

23If you return to the Mighty you are built up, "" You put iniquity far from your tents.

24So as to set a defense on the dust, "" And a covering on a rock of the valleys.

25And the Mighty has been your defense, "" And silver [is] strength to you.

26For then you delight yourself on the Mighty, "" And lift up your face to God,

27You make supplication to Him, "" And He hears you, "" And you complete your vows.

28And you decree a saying, "" And it is established to you, "" And light has shone on your ways.

29For they have made low, "" And you say, Lift up. And He saves the bowed down of eyes.

30He delivers the one [who is] not innocent, "" Indeed, he has been delivered "" By the cleanness of your hands.”

Literal Standard Version
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