Jonah 2
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1And Jonah prays to his God YHWH from the bowels of the fish.

2And he says: “I called, because of my distress, to YHWH, "" And He answers me, "" From the belly of Sheol I have cried, "" You have heard my voice.

3When You cast me [into] the deep, "" Into the heart of the seas, "" Then the flood surrounds me, "" All Your breakers and Your billows have passed over me.

4And I said: I have been cast out from before Your eyes "" (Yet I add to look to Your holy temple!)

5Waters have surrounded me to the soul, "" The deep surrounds me, "" The weed is bound to my head.

6To the cuttings of mountains I have come down, "" The earth, her bars [are] behind me for all time. And You bring my life up from the pit, O YHWH my God.

7In the feebleness of my soul within me, "" I have remembered YHWH, "" And my prayer comes to You, "" Into Your holy temple.

8Those observing lying vanities forsake their own mercy.

9And I—with a voice of thanksgiving—I sacrifice to You, "" That which I have vowed I complete, "" Salvation [is] of YHWH.”

10And YHWH speaks to the fish, and it vomits Jonah out on the dry land.

Literal Standard Version
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