Song of Songs 8
New American Bible Revised Edition

1Would that you were a brother to me,

nursed at my mother’s breasts!

If I met you out of doors, I would kiss you

and none would despise me.

2a I would lead you, bring you to my mother’s house,

where you would teach me,

Where I would give you to drink

spiced wine, my pomegranate* juice.

3b His left hand is under my head,

and his right arm embraces me.

4c I adjure you, Daughters of Jerusalem,

do not awaken or stir up love

until it is ready!

The Return from the Desert


5Who is this coming up from the desert,

leaning upon her lover?


Beneath the apple tree I awakened you;*

there your mother conceived you;

there she who bore you conceived.

True Love

6Set me as a seal* upon your heart,

as a seal upon your arm;

For Love is strong as Death,

longing is fierce as Sheol.

Its arrows are arrows of fire,

flames of the divine.

7e Deep waters* cannot quench love,

nor rivers sweep it away.

Were one to offer all the wealth of his house for love,

he would be utterly despised.

An Answer to the Brothers


8“We have a little sister;*

she has no breasts as yet.

What shall we do for our sister

on the day she is spoken for?

9If she is a wall,

we will build upon her a silver turret;

But if she is a door,

we will board her up with cedar planks.”

10I am a wall,*

and my breasts are like towers.

I became in his eyes

as one who brings peace.

A Boast

11M? Solomon had a vineyard at Baal-hamon;*

he gave over the vineyard to caretakers.

For its fruit one would have to pay

a thousand silver pieces.

12My vineyard is at my own disposal;

the thousand pieces are for you, Solomon,

and two hundred for the caretakers of its fruit.

The Lovers’ Yearnings


13You who dwell in the gardens,*

my companions are listening for your voice—

let me hear it!


14Swiftly, my lover,

be like a gazelle or a young stag

upon the mountains of spices.

Book Introduction


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