Isaiah 64
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1 If only you would tear apart the sky and come down!

The mountains would tremble before you!

2 As when fire ignites dry wood,

or fire makes water boil,

let your adversaries know who you are,

and may the nations shake at your presence!

3When you performed awesome deeds that took us by surprise,

you came down, and the mountains trembled before you.

4Since ancient times no one has heard or perceived,

no eye has seen any God besides you,

who intervenes for those who wait for him.

5You assist those who delight in doing what is right,

who observe your commandments.

Look, you were angry because we violated them continually.

How then can we be saved?

6We are all like one who is unclean,

all our so-called righteous acts are like a menstrual rag in your sight.

We all wither like a leaf;

our sins carry us away like the wind.

7No one invokes your name,

or makes an effort to take hold of you.

For you have rejected us

and handed us over to our own sins.

8Yet, Lord, you are our father.

We are the clay, and you are our potter;

we are all the product of your labor.

9Lord, do not be too angry!

Do not hold our sins against us continually!

Take a good look at your people, at all of us!

10Your chosen cities have become a desert;

Zion has become a desert,

Jerusalem is a desolate ruin.

11Our holy temple, our pride and joy,

the place where our ancestors praised you,

has been burned with fire;

all our prized possessions have been destroyed.

12In light of all this, how can you still hold back, Lord?

How can you be silent and continue to humiliate us?

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