Deuteronomy 23
Bible Study Questions

1. Why does God emphasize purity within the camp?

2. How do the rules about charging interest reflect God's heart towards community living?

3. In what ways can we apply the principle of not returning an escaped slave to contemporary refugee situations?

4. What might be the modern equivalents of practices that should not be brought into God's house?

5. How does this chapter reflect the balance between justice, mercy, and holiness?

6. Why might God allow eating from a neighbor's vineyard or field but put restrictions on the quantity and method?

7. How does the topic of vows resonate with our commitment to God and others today?

8. In today's world, how can we maintain a spiritual "cleanliness in the camp"?

9. What are some modern-day examples of "interest" that we might be tempted to charge our brothers and sisters?

10. How do the prohibitions on certain individuals entering the assembly align with or differ from contemporary church practices?

11. What is the significance of the third generation for Edomites and Egyptians?

12. How can we be vigilant against practices that compromise our community's moral integrity?

13. How does the principle of protecting vulnerable individuals translate into today's context?

14. In what ways can we ensure we're fulfilling our "vows" in the 21st century?

15. How can we actively foster an environment of social responsibility in our communities?

16. How do the exclusions from the assembly challenge or shape your understanding of God’s nature?

17. How can you create a "designated place" in your life for personal reflection and repentance?

18. What modern actions or practices might be considered "earnings from immoral activities"?

19. Why is it important to promptly fulfill vows, and how does that play a role in your personal commitments?

20. Reflect on a time when you felt like an "escaped slave" and how the principles from this chapter might have applied.

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