Exodus 9
Bible Study Questions

1. What does the distinction made by God between Egyptian and Israelite livestock in the plagues say about His character?

2. How does Pharaoh's repeated hardening of his heart despite witnessing God's power reflect on human nature?

3. What lessons can modern society draw from the responses of the Egyptians who heeded Moses' warning about the hailstorm and those who didn't?

4. How do you relate to Pharaoh's hardened heart in your life? Are there areas where you repeatedly resist God's will?

5. How can we recognize when our hearts are becoming hardened like Pharaoh's?

6. How does God's patience with Pharaoh resonate with your experiences of God's patience in your life?

7. Despite God's overwhelming display of power, why do you think Pharaoh continued to resist?

8. Why do you think God allowed the flax and barley to be destroyed, but not the wheat and spelt?

9. In what ways does God's treatment of the Israelites contrast with His treatment of the Egyptians?

10. What does Moses' role in this narrative teach us about obedience to God?

11. How can the events in this chapter inform your prayers when you or others face stubborn obstacles?

12. What do the plagues teach us about the consequences of ignoring God's warnings?

13. How does the narrative of Pharaoh's false repentance serve as a cautionary tale for us?

14. How does the narrative of the plagues showcase God's sovereignty over nature?

15. What do the actions of the Egyptian magicians suggest about the limitations of human power versus divine power?

16. In what ways do the plagues challenge the concept of self-sufficiency?

17. How can we apply the lessons from this narrative to situations of injustice in the world today?

18. How do you think the Israelites felt during these plagues and how would you have felt in their place?

19. How does the concept of God "raising" Pharaoh up for His purpose resonate with your understanding of God's purpose in your life?

20. In the context of your faith, what does Pharaoh's statement, "The LORD is righteous, and I and my people are wicked" mean to you?

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