Mark 1
Bible Study Questions

1. How does John the Baptist's role prepare the way for Jesus?

2. What do you learn about Jesus' humanity from His baptism and temptation?

3. What does Jesus' call to the first disciples tell you about discipleship?

4. How does Jesus demonstrate authority in His teaching and healing?

5. Why is the time of solitude and prayer important in Jesus' ministry?

6. How does Mark 1 challenge you to respond to the good news of God's kingdom?

7. How can you apply Jesus' healing and liberating actions to your life in dealing with physical, mental, and spiritual ailments?

8. How does Jesus' interaction with Simon Peter's mother-in-law impact your understanding of service?

9. In what ways does Jesus' temptation experience provide guidance in dealing with personal temptations?

10. What lessons about discipleship can you draw from the immediate response of Simon, Andrew, James, and John?

11. How does Jesus' proclamation of the kingdom of God influence your understanding of His mission?

12. In what ways can you "prepare the way" for the Lord in your daily life?

13. How does God's proclamation at Jesus' baptism affirm His identity? How does your identity in Christ influence your life?

14. How can the examples of Jesus' healings inform your approach to compassion and kindness?

15. In what ways can Jesus' commitment to prayer and solitude inform your spiritual practices?

16. How does the urgency in Jesus' call to repentance and faith speak to you?

17. What does the reaction of the people to Jesus' teachings and miracles teach you about faith and skepticism?

18. How does the account of Jesus' confrontation with the unclean spirit deepen your understanding of His divine authority?

19. How does Jesus' balance between public ministry and private prayer inspire your own life balance?

20. How does Jesus' response to the man with leprosy impact your understanding of social boundaries and inclusivity in the Christian community?

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