Matthew 19
Bible Study Questions

1. How does Jesus' teaching on divorce challenge societal norms around marriage and divorce?

2. What does Jesus' interaction with the little children teach us about faith and entering the Kingdom of Heaven?

3. What can we learn from the rich young ruler's reaction to Jesus' instruction to sell all he has?

4. How does Jesus' assurance of rewards for those who sacrifice for His sake impact your understanding of discipleship?

5. Why do you think Jesus focused on the difficulty for the rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?

6. How can we apply Jesus' teachings on marriage and divorce in a contemporary context?

7. How does the faith of a child differ from adult faith, and how can we foster this type of faith in our lives?

8. In what ways does the story of the rich young ruler challenge our values and priorities?

9. How can Jesus' promise of rewards for sacrifices made in His name influence our life decisions?

10. How does Jesus' response to the Pharisees' question about divorce uphold the sanctity of marriage?

11. How can we maintain a childlike faith in a world that often values cynicism and skepticism?

12. How do you reconcile the call to give up everything to follow Jesus with practical life needs and responsibilities?

13. How can we navigate the tension between living in the world and not being overly attached to worldly riches?

14. How does Jesus' assurance of rewards affect your willingness to make sacrifices for His sake?

15. How does the concept of a rich person struggling to enter the Kingdom of Heaven challenge societal success metrics?

16. In what ways can we reflect Jesus' welcoming attitude towards children in our communities?

17. How can we ensure our wealth and possessions don't become barriers to our relationship with God?

18. How can the teachings of this chapter shape our understanding of eternal life?

19. In what ways can Jesus' discussion about rewards influence our perspective on giving and sacrifice?

20. How can we uphold the sanctity of marriage in a culture with differing views on commitment and divorce?

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