Satan Vanquished by Christ
Luke 11:21-22
When a strong man armed keeps his palace, his goods are in peace:…


1. The description," strong man armed," applies to Satan —

(1) Because he was created a being of a higher order than man, and therefore superior to him in strength.

(2) Because he has the strength of a numerous host available to the execution of his designs.

(3) Because the skill he must have acquired by the long practice he has had, enables him to apply that strength, as it shall best serve to the accomplishment of his own designs.

2. The hearts of unregenerate men are the "palace" of Satan.

(1) He keeps them in a state of dire captivity, aliens from the God who made them, and enemies of the Saviour who redeemed them.

(2) He keeps them under the most powerful delusion.



1. Satan is rendered defenceless, with reference to all those who are made free from his dominion; so that the victory achieved for them may be maintained even by the weakest amongst them.

2. When Christ recovers His interest in man and His dominion over him, He disposes him, all that he has and is, for the destruction of sin, the good of the Church, and the glory of God.

(J. Fowler.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: When a strong man armed keepeth his palace, his goods are in peace:

WEB: "When the strong man, fully armed, guards his own dwelling, his goods are safe.

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