The Great Exhibition
John 12:20-33
And there were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast:…

Perhaps the sight-seeing instinct was never more fully developed than at present. We live in a sight-seeing age. This instinct has managed to engage the whole world as purveyor to its enjoyments in its periodical exhibitions in this and that great city. But we may profitably turn to another exhibition, not at present more attractive externally, but intrinsically far more interesting. Not works of human art and industry, but of Divine wisdom, justice, and love, are exhibited. Turn aside and see this great sight. Apply it to —


1. In geographical study we may see the vastness of the theatre on which Jesus's faithfulness performs its promises. His wisdom exerts its guidance, His love pours out its treasures, His grace fulfils its plans.

2. In botanical investigation we may see His wisdom and goodness, for He painted the colours of every flower, shaded its tints, and infused its perfume.

3. In historical research we find that personages are His agents, and events are controlled for His purposes.

4. Morals take their image from His example and their vigour from His Spirit.


1. Conversation; and not only in that part which is interspersed with His name. To see Him is to check trifling, levity, garrulity. To see Him is to transform the daily salutation into a benediction; for who can make "good day" but Jesus?

2. In visiting, business, recreation, etc., He is to have the preeminence. This will make the soul's health secure, guard against temptation, encourage righteousness.


1. Searching the Scriptures. Of these Jesus is the Alpha and Omega, and they will be unintelligible unless we see Him. The doctrines centre in Him. In the practical parts His example is the rule, His love the motive, His blood the purifier. The promises are "Yea, and amen in Him." His testimony is the spirit of prophecy. The ceremonies and characters are types of Him. Take Jesus out of the Bible, and you have taken the sun from the system, the seal from the body, gravitation from the universe.

2. Baptism. Take Christ away and it is an unmeaning ordinance. To see Him in it is to make it a sacrament of life, promise, and power. "Go ye therefore...Lo, I am with you," present, pledging to save.

3. The Lord's Supper. "This is My body," etc.


1. The devotional closet. How cold that is without Christ; how radiant with glory when we see Jesus, having expelled all intercepting objects, thoughts, cares, etc.

2. The domestic tabernacle. If in the human family Christ is a brother, how much mere in the believing family. To see Him is to hush all domestic dissensions; to sanctify all family relations, duties, etc.

3. In the public temple. What is Christ's Church without Him? "Where two or three," etc.


1. Two characters would gladly see Jesus.

(1) The penitent. Are you sorry for sin? then "Behold the Lamb of God," etc.

(2) The believer who now apprehends Christ by faith waits for His full manifestation in glory, and has "a desire to be with Christ," etc.

2. Two classes must be exhorted to see Jesus.

(1) The impenitent. four need is absolute, and your obligation unlimited.

(2) The apostate. The Greeks reprove you. They knew not Jesus but would see Him; you know Him but forsake Him.


1. In discouragement.

2. In temptation.

3. In youth, manhood, and old age.

4. In the hour of death and the day of judgment.

(D. Griffiths.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And there were certain Greeks among them that came up to worship at the feast:

WEB: Now there were certain Greeks among those that went up to worship at the feast.

The Desire to See Jesus
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