Lot's Wife
Luke 17:32
Remember Lot's wife.

I. Consider, in the first place, THE HOPEFUL OPPORTUNITY; or, Lot's wife fleeing from Sodom. It has been thought — and there is considerable reason for the thought — that she was a native of Sodom. When Lot separated from Abraham and went to live at Sodom, we read nothing of his having a wife or children; this is one reason for conjecturing that he married after he came to live at Sodom. Another is her evident attachmerit to Sodom, which, though to be accounted for on other reasons, may have been all the stronger, if that were the place of her nativity and early life. A third reason is, that Lot's "easily besetting" sin, which was covetousness and love of the world, would probably have tempted him to form such a connection with one of the daughters of Sodom, on account of some supposed worldly advantage. Oh! let not Christians despise the word of warning, whispered by the mere probability that Lot married a native of Sodom — an unconverted and worldly-minded person. But although worldly-minded herself, her husband was a religious person, and she had many opportunities of redeeming her character and turning to the Lord. Yet she rejected them. When the testing-time came, she preferred the world to God.

II. THE SERIOUS OFFENCE; or Lot's wife looking back. The world is the great clog upon the wheels of piety.


(J. Hambleton, M. A.)

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KJV: Remember Lot's wife.

WEB: Remember Lot's wife!

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