The Excellence of God's Loving-Kindness
Psalm 36:7-8
How excellent is your loving kindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of your wings.…


1. God's loving-kindness is most excellent, that is, His favour and good-will (Psalm 30:5; Psalm 63:3; Psalm 106:4).

(1) In regard of the subject of it, by considering whose it is.

(2) In regard of the fulness of it. He that hath but God's favour, what can he be said to want? There's nothing here in the world, but when a man has as much of it as his heart can wish, yet he will still want somewhat with it, and that sometimes which he can least be without; but he that hath an interest in God's loving-kindness, he hath all good things made over to him, so far forth as he hath use and need of them.

(3) In regard of the efficacy of it, it is such as is of sweet influence wheresoever it is; it makes comforts to be so much the more comfortable, and it makes crosses to be so much the more tolerable and beneficial.

(4) For its freeness and impartiality.

(5) For its continuance and duration. Whom He loves, He loves to the end (Isaiah 54:8).

2. The psalmist blesses God for His activity of goodness to His church, for that loving-kindness which does put itself forth in His proceedings and dispensations to them. Now this also as well as the former is very excellent, and that in these regards.

(1) In regard of the substance of it, and the materials whereof it consists, which are various. God has shown His loving. kindness to His church in divers expressions. In giving them His Son for their redemption, and reconciliation to Himself; how excellent is His loving-kindness here (Romans 8:32). In the ordinances and means of grace. In His Spirit, and the workings thereof, whereby His ordinances and ministry are made effectual to those who enjoy them. In His care of it, and providence towards it.

(2) In regard of the extent of it, enlarging and diffusing itself.

(3) In regard of the peculiarity and appropriation of it.


1. Here is a sound judgment.

2. A special favour. David does not only speak here out of judgment, and the strength of his understanding; but out of sense and the certainty of his experience, who had found and felt the workings of this special favour, and accordingly speaks triumphantly about it. The frequent thoughts upon this point are such as may be very beneficial to us; and may have a very great influence upon our lives.

(1) To quicken us to duty, and to make us so much the more diligent in our business.

(2) To restrain us from sin, and to make us so much the more shy of our miscarriages.

(3) To satisfy us in our afflictions, and to make us more contented with our condition.

3. Here is a thankful acknowledgment.

4. Here is a joyful publication (Psalm 92:2) calls for showing forth the loving-kindness of the Lord (Psalm 63:8).

(T. Herren, D. D.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: How excellent is thy lovingkindness, O God! therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of thy wings.

WEB: How precious is your loving kindness, God! The children of men take refuge under the shadow of your wings.

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