God's Promise to Joshua
Zechariah 3:6-7
And the angel of the LORD protested to Joshua, saying,…

The design of God's promises is to quicken us to diligence in the work which He hath given us to do.

I. WHAT IS REQUIRED OF JOSHUA; or how he was to behave. He was to "walk in God's ways, and keep His charge"; which signifies a general care to be religious himself, and a faithful performance of the duties of his particular station.


1. That he should be continued in his office.

2. At length he should be preferred to a nobler station, in which he should be the companion of angels.It does not mean that angels should guard and preserve him in all his goings and undertakings. The most natural and easy sense of the words is, that they refer to a future state, and mean that Joshua should at length be joined to the angels in heaven. Most of the Jewish writers paraphrase thus, "I will raise thee from the dead, and place thee among the seraphims." This is a most delightful and instructive idea of the heavenly world — walking among the angels. Heaven is the stated abode of these glorious, wise, and happy spirits, who are superior to men; therefore they are called the angels of God in heaven. God intends that all His faithful servants on earth should at length dwell and walk with them. Reflect what an honour and happiness this will be. Consider what excellent beings they are in themselves. And consider them as those who have been ministers of God to the world, the Church, and ourselves. Application —

(1) Reflect, for our caution, on the counterpart of this, or the future state of those who forsake the ways of God.

(2) Let us be excited to the duties required in the text, by the gracious promise contained in it.

(Job Often.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And the angel of the LORD protested unto Joshua, saying,

WEB: The angel of Yahweh protested to Joshua, saying,

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