Thou, O Lord, Remainest Forever
Lamentations 5:19-22
You, O LORD, remain for ever; your throne from generation to generation.…

1. God's unchangeableness a support in troubles.

(1) Look upon the choicest things that the world affords as mutable, this will take off thine affections from them, they perish, but the Lord endures, they all wax old like a garment, but God is the same forever (Psalm 102:26, 27). This will make their loss to thee, thy deprivation of them to be no sore affliction, for who will breathe out sighs, at the breaking of an earthen vessel, at the scattering of a vapour, at the withering of a flower, or the vanishing of a shadow?

(2) In your worst condition, when you are afflicted and tossed with the waves of sorrow, stay, and still yourselves with the thoughts of the unchangeableness of your God, He is immutable as well in His mercy as in His holiness, He is that Sun that shineth always with a like brightness, and remember that as this is the way to bring serenity in your hearts, so also your safety at all times depends upon God's immutability (Malachi 3:6; Psalm 73:23-26).

(3) Hold out alacrity, be cheerful, let not your souls faint, and your hearts die within you, though your lovers have forsaken you, your friends turn enemies, and your adversaries set up their ensigns for banners, your God is unchangeable in His love, neither life, nor death, principalities, nor powers shall take you out of His thoughts, He thinks as well of you when you are black with persecution, as when you are fair, and shine in a prosperous condition; for the Church is His beloved, though a lily among thorns (Song of Solomon 2:2). And the immutability of His rule will terminate the worst of your sorrows (Psalm 7:9; Jeremiah 29:11).

(4) Lastly, remember what God is, and that in a degree it is your duties to assimilate Himself, therefore humble yourselves for your fickleness in your purposes, and for your changeableness in your resolves for holiness, have not hereafter a heart loving to wander (Jeremiah 14:10). Be not soon removed (Galatians 1:6). Keep close to your determinations for the things of heaven, let not the blasts of seducers take your spirits from their hinges, either in relation to principles or duties (Ephesians 4:14). You must imitate your Father, and you see He is a God that is immutable.

2. God is eternal as well as immutable.

(1) Look upon this attribute of God which, like a golden thread, runs through all the rest, and admire it; let thy soul echo out the praises of Divine eternity upon all occasions (1 Timothy 1:17). And well mayest thou, for this the eternity of God exceeds that of the most glorious creatures: theirs is but an half eternity, it is to everlasting, not like the Lord's from everlasting; theirs is not intrinsical in themselves, they receive it, but God's is independent; they cannot communicate to others, or extend it beyond themselves as the Lord can, therefore now extol God's eternity, and let it be matter of wonder to thy soul.

(2) Be not dismayed when the rage and fury of your adversaries speaks a stripping, a deprivation of all enjoyments, when they tell you they will enter upon your houses, seize upon your lands, take away your food, and deprive you of the delight of your eyes, tell them you know these things are but mutable, and they may take them, but they cannot take away your God, who is eternal in the heavens.

(3) Rest not upon creatures, Solomon gives you to know that their strength, their help is vanity, put your trust in this the eternal God, He hath said He will never fail you nor forsake you, He is not as man that He should repent, He is faithful as well as eternal, and cannot deny Himself (2 Timothy 2:13).

(D. Swift.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Thou, O LORD, remainest for ever; thy throne from generation to generation.

WEB: You, Yahweh, remain forever; Your throne is from generation to generation.

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