The Seat of Justice Overthrown
Lamentations 5:12-18
Princes are hanged up by their hand: the faces of elders were not honored.…

1. It is a grievous plague unto a people when the seat of justice is overthrown from among them.

(1) Reasons.

(a)  It bringeth in all confusion and disorder.

(b)  No man can enjoy anything as his own.

(c)  Every one lieth open to the violence of spoilers, and hath no succour nor redress.

(2) Uses.

(a)  Better have tyrants govern us, than be void of all government.

(b)  Pray unto God for the government under which we live, that in the prosperity thereof we may have peace.

(c)  Acknowledge all lawful magistrates to be the special ordinances of God, appointed for our good, and therefore to be obeyed and reverenced.

2. The overthrow of magistracy among a people taketh all occasions of rejoicing from all sorts of people. "The young men from their music."(1) Reasons.

(a)  Many great blessings are lost, and many griefs come upon them which will make the heart heavy.

(b)  They have no safety, but have cause every one to fear another, and to stand upon his own guard, as though he were in the midst of his enemies.

(2) Use. Pray to God that He would never leave us without those heads and governors that may take care to protect us in peace; for if He do, our life will be more bitter than death itself.

3. Honest recreations and delights are to be esteemed among the good blessings that God giveth His people in this life.

(1) It is here accounted by the Holy Ghost a grievous thing that they are deprived of them.

(2) Neither body nor mind can continue able and apt to their duties without some intermission, but it is never lawful to be idle.

(J. Udall.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Princes are hanged up by their hand: the faces of elders were not honoured.

WEB: Princes were hanged up by their hand: The faces of elders were not honored.

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