Faithless FriendshipBishop Hacker.Psalm 41:9
Study the EnemyHacker.Matthew 4:1
Courage RewardedBishop Hacker.Mark 16:3-4
The Presence of the AngelBishop Hacker.Mark 16:5
A Flock to Look AfterBishop Hacker., Bishop Hacker.Luke 2:8-9
A Watchful ShepherdBishop Hacker.Luke 2:8-9
By NightBishop Hacker.Luke 2:8-9
Philosophy Discovered by Humble MenBishop Hacker., Bishop Hacker., Bishop Hacker.Luke 2:8-9
The First to See Christ At His Final AdventBishop Hacker.Luke 2:8-9
All Creatures Interested in the Incarnation of ChristBishop Hacker.Luke 2:10
BeholdBishop Hacker.Luke 2:10
Good News to All PeopleBishop Hacker.Luke 2:10
A SaviourBishop Hacker., Bishop Hacker., Bishop Hacker.Luke 2:11
A SaviourBishop Hacker.Luke 2:11
Christ Born in the City of DavidBishop Hacker.Luke 2:11
Christ's Birth CityBishop Hacker.Luke 2:11
The Merit of Christ's BirthBishop Hacker., Bishop Hacker.Luke 2:11
Angelic InsightBishop Hacker.Luke 2:13
Church PsalmodyBishop HackerLuke 2:13
Multitude Pleasing to GodBishop Hacker.Luke 2:13
One Good Work Quickly Followed by AnotherBishop Hacker.Luke 2:13
The Glory of the Heavenly Host an Argument for More than Bare Necessity in the Service of GodBishop Hacker.Luke 2:13
Trust the Heavenly ForcesBishop Hacker.Luke 2:13
Christ Adverse to Some Kinds of PeaceBishop Hacker.Luke 2:14
National PeaceBishop Hacker.Luke 2:14
Christ EmbracedBishop Hacker.Luke 2:29-31
Death Better than DegenerationBishop Hacker.Luke 2:29-31
Excessive Spiritual JoyBishop Hacker.Luke 2:29-31
SatisfiedBishop Hacker.Luke 2:29-31
Seeing the InvisibleBishop Hacker.Luke 2:29-31
Servant of GodBishop Hacker., Bishop Hacker.Luke 2:29-31
The Best SightBishop Hacker.Luke 2:29-31
An ExampleBishop Hacker.Luke 4:2-4
Christians TemptedBishop Hacker.Luke 4:2-4
Oil Taken from the LampBishop Hacker.Luke 4:2-4
Satan a RealityBishop Hacker.Luke 4:2-4
Temptation a CorrectiveBishop Hacker.Luke 4:2-4
Temptation SanctifiedBishop Hacker.Luke 4:2-4
Better than BreadBishop Hacker.Luke 4:3
God not Served for Temporal ProfitBishop Hacker.Luke 4:3
HereafterBishop Hacker.Luke 4:3
The Devil's BreadBishop Hacker.Luke 4:3
The Eye to Look to HeavenBishop Hacker.Luke 4:3
Principle not Place the SafeguardBishop Hacker.Luke 4:5-8
Reviewed TemptationBishop Hacker.Luke 4:5-8
Satan a Close SolicitorBishop Hacker.Luke 4:5-8
Temptation RecurrentBishop Hacker.Luke 4:5-8
Satan Offering Stolen GoodsBishop Hacker.Luke 4:6-7
Pride Seeks the PinnacleBishop Hacker.Luke 4:9-13
Christ's TransfigurationBishop Hacker.Luke 9:28-36
Transfiguration During PrayerBishop Hacker.Luke 9:28-36
Peter's Rash JudgmentBishop Hacker.Luke 9:33
A Cloud of ProtectionBishop Hacker.Luke 9:34-36
The CloudBishop Hacker.Luke 9:34-36
Christ the Lord of NatureBp. Hacker.John 6:1-21
St. Paul's AllegoryBishop Hacker.Galatians 4:26

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