Abraham: the EmigrantCharles Jerdan, M. A. , LL. B.Genesis 12:1-3
LessonsCharles Jerdan, M. A. , LL. B.Genesis 12:10-20
The Victorious WarriorCharles Jerdan, M. A. , LL. B.Genesis 14:13-16
HagarCharles Jerdan, M. A. , LL. B.Genesis 16:7-12
A Young Man Cleansing His WayC. Jerdan, LL. B.Psalm 119:9
The Prophet and His WorkC. Jerdan Hosea 1:1
Hosea's Marriage and Prophetic TrainingC. Jerdan Hosea 1:2, 3
Hosea's ChildrenC. Jerdan Hosea 1:3-9
The Curse ReversedC. Jerdan Hosea 1:10 - Hosea 2:1
Great Shall be the Day of JezreelC. Jerdan Hosea 1:11
Jehovah's Condemnation of Faithless IsraelC. Jerdan Hosea 2:2-7
Prosperity Abased and BlightedC. Jerdan Hosea 2:8-13
Israel's RestorationC. Jerdan Hosea 2:14-20
The Golden Chain of CausationC. Jerdan Hosea 2:21, 22
Curse ReversedC. Jerdan Hosea 2:23
Hosea Detains Gomer in SeclusionC. Jerdan Hosea 3:1-5
The Lord's LawsuitC. Jerdan Hosea 4:1-5
Israel's Guilt and PunishmentC. Jerdan Hosea 4:6-14
Like People, Like PriestC. Jerdan Hosea 4:9
Ephraim and JudahC. Jerdan Hosea 4:15-19
National Sin and PunishmentC. Jerdan Hosea 5:1-10
Landmark-RemoversC. Jerdan Hosea 5:10
The Divine JudgmentsC. Jerdan Hosea 5:11-15
Repentance and Saving KnowledgeC. Jerdan Hosea 6:1-3
Fugitive PietyC. Jerdan Hosea 6:4, 5
Religion and IrreligionC. Jerdan Hosea 6:6-11
Sins of Court and CountryC. Jerdan Hosea 7:1-7
A Cake not TurnedC. Jerdan Hosea 7:8
Grey HairsC. Jerdan Hosea 7:9
Ephraim's Folly and FalsenessC. Jerdan Hosea 7:11-16
A Trumpet-Blast of JudgmentC. Jerdan Hosea 8:1-4
Sin its Own PunishmentC. Jerdan Hosea 8:5-14
Reaping the WhirlwindC. Jerdan Hosea 8:7
Holy Scripture, and Man's Neglect of itC. Jerdan Hosea 8:12
The Assyrian CaptivityC. Jerdan Hosea 9:1-9
The True and the False ProphetC. Jerdan Hosea 9:7, 8
Bereavement, Barrenness, and BanishmentC. Jerdan Hosea 9:10-17
The Calves and the KingsC. Jerdan Hosea 10:1-8
National Prosperity and CalamityC. Jerdan Hosea 10:9-15
Called Out of EgyptC. Jerdan Hosea 11:1
Crowned with Tender MerciesC. Jerdan Hosea 11:1-4
The Magnet of LoveC. Jerdan Hosea 11:4
The Divine Goodness DespisedC. Jerdan Hosea 11:5-7
Mercy Seasons JusticeC. Jerdan Hosea 11:8-11
Jacob an Example to His DescendantsC. Jerdan Hosea 11:12-12:6
Prevailing with GodC. Jerdan Hosea 12:3
Three Painful ContrastsC. Jerdan Hosea 12:7-14
Ephraim, Living and DeadC. Jerdan Hosea 13:1-8
Ruin, Retribution, and ResurrectionC. Jerdan Hosea 13:9-16
Jehovah the Destroyer of DeathC. Jerdan Hosea 13:14
Return to God: its BeginningsC. Jerdan Hosea 14:1-3
Return to God: its Immediate EffectsC. Jerdan Hosea 14:4, 5
Return to God: its Ultimate ResultsC. Jerdan Hosea 14:5-8
The EpilogueC. Jerdan Hosea 14:9
A Joyful Salutation for a Time of AdversityC. Jerdan James 1:1-4
Wisdom for Those Who Ask itC. Jerdan James 1:5-8
The Poor and the Rich BrotherC. Jerdan James 1:9-11
The Natural History of EvilC. Jerdan James 1:12-15
All Good is from GodC. Jerdan James 1:16, 17
The Father of the Lights: a Sermon to ChildrenC. Jerdan James 1:17
The Chief Good is from GodC. Jerdan James 1:18
The Reception of the WordC. Jerdan James 1:19-21
Hearers and DoersC. Jerdan James 1:22-25
The True RitualismC. Jerdan James 1:26, 27
Respect of PersonsC. Jerdan James 2:1-7
Stumbling in One PointC. Jerdan James 2:8-11
Law and JudgmentC. Jerdan James 2:12, 13
Works the Test of FaithC. Jerdan James 2:14-19
Justification by Faith and WorksC. Jerdan James 2:20-26
A Dissuasive from Ambition to TeachC. Jerdan James 3:1, 2
The Tower of the TongueC. Jerdan James 3:2-6
The Tongue Ungovernable and InconsistentC. Jerdan James 3:7-12
False WisdomC. Jerdan James 3:13-16
True WisdomC. Jerdan James 3:17, 18
Wars and FightingsC. Jerdan James 4:1-3
Worldliness Enmity with GodC. Jerdan James 4:4-6
Submission to GodC. Jerdan James 4:7-10
Evil-Speaking and Evil-JudgingC. Jerdan James 4:11, 12
Man Proposes, But God DisposesC. Jerdan James 4:13-17
The Judgments Coming Upon the Wicked RichC. Jerdan James 5:1-6
Long-Suffering in View of Christ's ComingC. Jerdan James 5:7, 8
Bear and ForbearC. Jerdan James 5:9-11
Against SwearingC. Jerdan James 5:12
Prayer and Praise as a MedicineC. Jerdan James 5:13-15
Mutual Confession and PrayerC. Jerdan James 5:16-18
The Conversion of a SinnerC. Jerdan James 5:19, 20

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