Blessing in Our Temporal CallingLisco.Luke 5:6-11
Christian CompassionF. G. Lisco.Luke 10:29-37
Of the Deceitfulness of RichesF. G. Lisco.Luke 12:16-21
Of the Believer's Readiness for the Coming of ChristF. G. Lisco.Luke 12:35-40
The Love of This World is a Hindrance to SalvationF. G. Lisco.Luke 14:16-24
Christian PrudenceF. G. Lisco., J. Thomson, D. D.Luke 16:1-8
Christ's Spiritual KingdomF. G. Lisco.Luke 19:11-27
Himself Believed and His Whole HouseLisco.John 4:46-54
The Threefold Testimony of Peter Concerning ChristLisco.Acts 3:11-26
How the Manifold Gifts of Christians Contribute to the General UseLisco.Acts 11:19-21
The First Missionary Ordination At AntiochLisco.Acts 13:2-13
The Messengers of the GospelLisco.Acts 13:2-13
I Will Make You Fishers of MenLisco.Acts 13:13-52
Christ, the World's SaviourLisco.Acts 13:17-41
The Providence of God in the History of IsraelLisco.Acts 13:17-41
The First Last and the Last FirstLisco.Acts 13:48
The Word of God the Revealer of the Thoughts of Many HeartsLisco.Acts 13:48
Proper Witness BearingLisco.Acts 14:1-18
Hearing and Keeping the Word of GodLisco.Acts 16:13
The Miracle in the PrisonLisco.Acts 16:19-26
GallioLisco.Acts 18:12-17
How Should a Christian Minister Govern His ChurchLisco.Acts 20:17
Two Necessary Things for AllLisco.Acts 20:20-21
Paul on His Journey to JerusalemLisco.Acts 21:1-3
Christian ForbearanceLisco.Acts 21:17-26
Divine ProtectionLisco.Acts 23:11-35
The Christian's Defence Against the Accusations of the WorldLisco.Acts 24:10-21
The Judgment of Worldly Men Concerning Matters of FaithLisco.Acts 25:13-27
The Voyage of LifeLisco.Acts 27:1-20
Paul At MaltaLisco.Acts 28:1-14
The World's Judgments FoolishLisco.Acts 28:1-14
The Curse of the Apostle Against the False ApostlesLisco.Galatians 1:8-9

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