The Upward Look BestC. H. Mackintosh.Exodus 2:11-12
Alone with GodC. H. Mackintosh.Exodus 2:16-22
The Divine ResolutionC. H. Mackintosh.Exodus 3:8
The Burnt-OfferingC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 1:3
The Meat-OfferingC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 2:1-16
Man's Incompetency to Deal with SinC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 4:2-35
Gain by RedemptionC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 5:14-19
Why the Law of the Peace-Offering is Given Last of AllC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 7:11-18
Excitement to be Avoided by MinistersC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 10:9-11
The Clean and the UncleanC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 11:2-47
Human Nature UncleanC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 15:2-33
God's Consideration for Hired LabourersC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 19:13
Blemishes Affect Service, not SonshipC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 21:1-24
The Provisions of Righteousness and GraceC. H. Mackintosh.Leviticus 27:2-13
The Pedigree DeclaredC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 1:4-16
The Presence of God Among His People Demands Holiness on Their PartC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 5:2-3
The Ordinance of NazariteshipC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 6:1-21
Liberality and Service Viewed in the Light of the SanctuaryC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 8:1-4
The Divine Principle of CleansingC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 8:5-7
The Passover and the Lord's SupperC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 9:1-5
Dependence on Divine GuidanceC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 9:15-23
The Institution of the Silver TrumpetsC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 10:1-10
The Divine Standard to be MaintainedC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 10:14-28
Leaders of DisaffectionC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 16:1-35
Aaron's Fruitful RodC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 17:1-13
The Priesthood Divinely SelectedC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 17:1-13
The Rods ContrastedC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 17:1-13
The Red Heifer a Wilderness TypeC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 19:1-22
A Rightful ClaimC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 27:1-11
Vengeance Executed on MidianC. H. Mackintosh.Numbers 31:1-12
The Movement of the AgesJ. Mackintosh.John 14:6

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