CreationJames G. Murphy, LL. D.Genesis 1:1
All the Blessings of the LightJ. B. C. Murphy, B. A.Genesis 1:3-4
God's CommandProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 2:16-17
Two-Fold Use of LanguageProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 2:19
Why the Creation of Woman was Deferred to This Precise Juncture in Human HistoryProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 2:21-22
Two Hallowed InstitutionsProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 2:24
Man's BanishmentProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 3:24
The CherubimProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 3:24
God's Mode of Dealing with CainProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 4:15
A Change in Mode of WorshipProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 4:26
Why God's Spirit Will not Always StriveProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 6:3
And He Shall Dwell, in the Tents of ShemProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 9:25-27
God Shall Enlarge JaphethProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 9:25-27
Scripture PredictionsProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 9:25-27
The Characteristics of a NationProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 10:1-32
Call and PromiseProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 12:1-3
And He Counted it to Him for RighteousnessProfessor J. G. Murphy.Genesis 15:5-6
Nature and Office of AngelsProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 16:7-12
The Last Night in SodomJ. B. C. Murphy, B. A.Genesis 19:14
Warnings Disregarded by SinnersJ. B. C. Murphy, B. A.Genesis 19:14
Escape for Thy Life!J. B. C. Murphy, B. A.Genesis 19:17
Blessing in Abraham's SeedProf. J. G. MurphyGenesis 22:18
Contempt of Spiritual PrivilegesJ. B. C. Murphy, B. A.Genesis 25:29-34
Significance of the Names Joseph Gave His ChildrenProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 41:51-52
And He Blessed JosephProf. J. G. Murphy.Genesis 48:15-16
A Moderate RequestJ. G. Murphy, LL. D.Exodus 3:18
The Holy Anointing OilJ. G. Murphy, LL. D.Exodus 30:22-33
A Message from GodJ. B. C. Murphy, B. A.Judges 3:12-30
Self-FulfilmentE. G. Murphy.Judges 9:1-22
Signs of DecayJ. B. O. Murphy.Hosea 7:9
On the Most Striking Circumstances that Distinguished the Birth of the RedeemerB. Murphy.Luke 2:6
On the Advantages of AfflictionB. Murphy.Luke 2:34-35
On the Education of ChildrenB. Murphy.Luke 2:52
Wilt Thou be Made WholeI. B.C. Murphy, B. A.John 5:1-18
Union with Christ and its ResultsJ. G. Murphy, LL. D.Galatians 3:28
Redeeming the TimeJ. B.C. Murphy, B. A.Ephesians 5:16

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