Job 42:15
No women as beautiful as Job's daughters could be found in all the land, and their father granted them an inheritance among their brothers.
Job's DaughtersD. J. Burrell, D. D.Job 42:15
Conclusion of the StoryE. Johnson Job 42:7-17
The Divine Vindication of JobR. Green Job 42:7-17
The Return of ProsperityW.F. Adeney Job 42:11-17
All's Well that Ends WellLewis O. Thompson.Job 42:12-17
Light At EventideT. L. Cuyler, D. D.Job 42:12-17
The Limitation of Job's Blessings to This LifeR. A. Watson.Job 42:12-17

Job is now restored to the favour of God. The result is earthly prosperity. With our Christian light we know that this does not always follow, nor is it the best blessing. But as the portrait of Job is painted in the colours of his day, we must accept the lessons which it contains in sympathy with his age and circumstances. Let us, then, look at the ingredients of the new prosperity.

I. A REVIVAL OF OLD FRIENDSHIPS. We are horrified to have it brought distinctly before us on the last page of the book that Job had had brothers and sisters as well as other acquaintances during the whole time of his affliction; and yet they had discreetly retired from the unpleasant neighbourhood of the afflicted man. Now they reappear with his prosperity. This common experience of life is often commented on with some bitterness. But Job shows no bitterness. His grand soul forgets the previous unkindness In his own humility he ignores the faults of his brethren. With princely magnanimity he accepts their presents when he does not need them, though they had not thought fit to offer them him in the time of his dire necessity. This is the Christ-spirit. There is no true happiness in selfish isolation. Even though our acquaintances may not deserve much attention, it is a miserably selfish thing to throw them off. Generosity is a mark of genuine health of soul. The Christian must learn to be brotherly and to cultivate social sympathies.

II. A RECOVERY OF GREAT POSSESSIONS. Job is now richer than ever, and he is now more than ever fitted to hold wealth. He will receive it back with double gratitude. He will recognize more clearly that it all comes from the hand of God. Having himself suffered from hardships and troubles, he will be the better able to succour the afflicted. Therefore he can well be trusted with great wealth. It is not every good man to whom wealth would be a blessing, or who would make a good use of it. But when God gives temporal prosperity to one of his true servants, this should be accepted not only as a token of his kindness, but also as a trust. The talents are increased; so is the responsibility.

III. THE GIFT OF A NEW FAMILY. Property is a poor recompense to offer to the bereaved and desolate man. A true father values his children above all flocks and herds. Job is to be restored in all respects. And yet we cannot but feel that to have more children, but other ones, could not make up for the loss of the first family. Job's fatherly heart could not have been thus easily satisfied. All we can say is that the picture of the return of prosperity is made as complete as it could be. But we have a brighter prospect through Christ in again meeting the blessed dead, who are not lost, but who have only gone on before us.

IV. THE ENJOYMENT OF FULNESS OF LIFE. Job lives to a green old age. In his misery he had prayed for death; in his renewed prosperity life is a boon. The value of life depends on the use that is made of it. In Christ the poorest earthly life is rich; and the most unfortunate life is well worth living when it is given to God. But the Old Testament blessedness of long life is enlarged in the New Testament, and appears as the gift of eternal life - the greatest blessing enjoyed by God's redeemed children. - W.F.A.

Were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job.
It is a long lane that has no turning. Job's captivity was turned at last. It is a true saying that godliness is profitable for the life that now is. Job's family was again built up. He had buried all his children, but God had repaired the breach.

I. THESE DAUGHTERS OF JOB WERE REMARKABLE FOR THEIR BEAUTY. Whether beauty is a good gift or not depends upon the use made of it. Beauty is a Divine talent, and may be gloriously used for God. The secret of beauty is the shining through of a consecrated spirit.

II. THEY WERE REMARKABLE FOR THEIR CHARACTER. This appears in their several names.

1. Jemima, or "Light of the morning." Let it stand for the influence of young womanhood at home. No one can estimate the influence of a gentle sister among a group of boisterous lads.

2. Kezia or Cassia, "Breath of the garden." Let her stand for the influence of young womanhood in social life.

3. Keren-happuch, or "All plenteousness." Let her stand for the influence of young womanhood in the Church of God.

III. THESE DAUGHTERS WERE REMARKABLE FOR THEIR INHERITANCE. "Their father gave them an inheritance among their brethren." This was a rare thing in those days. This inheritance means, to begin with, life at the Cross. All sons and daughters are equal here. What else? The joy of service. What else? Participation in the heavenly glory.

(D. J. Burrell, D. D.)

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