A Material Portrait of the Spiritual Church
Psalm 87:1-7
His foundation is in the holy mountains.…

I. It is GLORIOUS IN ITS ELEVATION (ver. 1). The spiritual Church is a city set upon a hill. Though elevated it is safe; its foundation is in the everlasting mountains. "Upon this rock," etc.

II. It is SPECIALLY REGARDED BY GOD (ver. 2). The infinitely loving One must be interested in all the works of His hand; even the sparrow that falls not to the ground without notice. But for those Christian men who constitute the true spiritual Church He has a special regard.

III. It is ILLUSTRIOUS IN ITS HISTORY (ver. 3). Many glorious things had been said of Zion. It was said that they should call Jerusalem the throne of the Lord, and they should call all the nations to it; it was said they should come to see the city of Zion, and flow together to the goodness of the Lord. It was said by God (1 Kings 9:3; 2 Chronicles 7:16). But what far more glorious things have been said of the true Church. Read what victories she has won, not only in the time of the apostles, but in every subsequent age. It has been said of the true Church, that it is "a royal priesthood."

IV. It is SUPERIOR TO ALL OTHER COMMUNITIES (ver. 4). Compare commercial, scientific, political, and other religious communities with it, and in all that is morally great and glorious, the brightest of their fires pales into dimness.

V. IT IS THE BIRTH-SCENE OF THE GOOD (ver. 5). In the true spiritual Church, souls are born again.

VI. It is DIVINELY REGISTERED (vers. 6, 7). Jehovah kept a register of all that were born in Jerusalem, and so He does of all who are spiritually born in the true Church. "When He writeth up the people." Ah I the time will come when He will write up a register of all true men. No others, however lofty in rank and illustrious in genius, will find a place in that book. No one shall enter heaven who is not found written in "The Lamb's Book of Life." VII. IT is INFINITE IN ITS RESOURCES. "All my springs are in Thee." This is what the poet says, as the representative of all that were born in Zion; and this is what all the members of the true spiritual Church can also say and most deeply feel. All my fountains are in Thee, in Thee, that is, in Zion or in God. If in Zion, it is from God.


Parallel Verses
KJV: {A Psalm or Song for the sons of Korah.} His foundation is in the holy mountains.

WEB: His foundation is in the holy mountains.

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