Have Faith in God -- Never Give Up in Despair
Mark 11:22
And Jesus answering said to them, Have faith in God.

An industrious tradesman had fallen on bad times; his business would not prosper, and he lost heart. His wife, however, kept cheerful; she went on praying, and tried to hearten up her husband. But it was no use; he kept on saying there was no hope for him, and he might as well go out of life, for there was nothing good to be looked for. One morning the cheery wife came down with a face as sad as her husband's. "What's the matter?" said he. "Oh," she replied, with a shudder, "I've had such a dreadful dream. I dreamt God was dead, and all the angels were going to His funeral!" "What nonsense!" said her husband. "How can you be so silly? Don't you know God can't die?" She thought a moment, and then brightened up. "That's true," she answered. "But, oh, husband! if He can't die, He can't change, either. He has taken care of us all our lives: why should we begin to think He has forgotten us now? It'll only be a passing cloud, may be, that's hiding the sun, just to try us. Let us trust Him through it all." "You're right, wife," said the man. "Seems to me I've believed in God without trusting Him. Let us ask Him to forgive me this sin of mistrust May be my ill luck has been a punishment for that same, sent to open my eyes." However that may have been, the tide did turn, and neither man nor wife ever mistrusted God again.

Parallel Verses
KJV: And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.

WEB: Jesus answered them, "Have faith in God.

Have Faith in God
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