Learning to be Brave
1 Kings 2:2
I go the way of all the earth: be you strong therefore, and show yourself a man;

Mr. Mortimer Mempes, in his World's Children, gives some remarkable specimens of the Spartan training in courage that the boys of Japan must all undergo. All kinds of games are played to test the character in this particular of the children. They are told thrilling stories of dragons and giants, and, when worked up to terror, each boy has to go into a darkened room and bring out a strand of wick which is burning in a dish of oil; and this, too, with a smiling face, absolutely unruffled. Another favourite game is to gather in a lonely graveyard, under a tree, and plant flags in a haunted spot. Then each boy is made to walk up the avenue alone, pull out a flag slowly, with dignity, and without a nervous tremor. So, having borne the yoke in his youth, his courage is believed to be equal to all demands upon it in later life.

Parallel Verses
KJV: I go the way of all the earth: be thou strong therefore, and shew thyself a man;

WEB: "I am going the way of all the earth. You be strong therefore, and show yourself a man;

In What Manliness Consists
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