Others to be Gathered
Isaiah 56:8
The Lord GOD, which gathers the outcasts of Israel said, Yet will I gather others to him, beside those that are gathered to him.

God's work now is that of gathering. There was a time when it was scattering. Man built the tower of Babel, which was intended to be the centre of unity, the armoury of power, and the seat of dominion, whence some mighty Nimrod might sway his sceptre over all the human race: but the Lord would not have it so. Infinite wisdom baffled finite ambition. Now the Lord is gathering together in one the children of God which are scattered abroad. Jesus hath made both Jew and Gentile one, breaking down every wall of partition. This ingathering process is going on every day by the testimony of the Word, and it is to be continued until the end of time.

I. THE INSTANCES MENTIONED: instances of gathering by the hand of the Lord, who is described as "The Lord God which gathereth the outcasts of Israel. Outcasts have been gathered, and this is the token that others shall be gathered. I suppose Isaiah first alludes to the banished who had been carried away captive to Babylon and to all parts of the East, but who were at different times restored to their land. But I prefer to use the text in reference to our Divine Lord, seeing that to Him shall the gathering of the people be.

1. When He was here below He gathered the outcasts of Israel by His ministry.

2. He gathered them by forgiving their sins. This brought them nearer still, and held them there.

3. Our Lord gathered many by graciously helping them. He met with some whose great trial was sore affliction, temptation and sorrow. Magdalene is a chief instance.

4. He gathered them, also, so as to enrol them under HIS banner. It was a marvellous moment for Levi, when he sat at the receipt of custom, when Jesus called him. You will, perhaps, think that my Master's gathering power lay in His being here Himself. It is true there was a matchless charm about Him, and yet to let us know that we must know Him no longer after the flesh, there was not even in the charms of Christ's most blessed Person enough of power to prevent the people crying, "Crucify Him, crucify Him." His power is spiritual, the power of His own Spirit, and therefore it is exercised now though His bodily" presence is removed.

II. THE. PROMISE UTTERED. "The Lord God which gathereth the outcasts of Israel saith, etc.

1. This promise is very wide. It means in the first place that the Gentiles should be brought to know the Lord. It was a bright day when first of all the centurion of Caesarea sent men to Joppa, and received a visit from Peter, and was baptized of him. Fair also was the day when the Ethiopian eunuch was baptized of Philip. How strange it must have seemed at first to the apostles, who were all Jews, and very strongly Jewish too, especially Peter, to see the Gentiles gathered. One marvels that Paul was not more narrow in heart, considering his birth and education, but he had vanquished his old notions, and gloried in being the apostle of the Gentiles. It is delightful to think of men of divers colours coming to Christ, and in the best possible manner proving the unity of our race. What would the twelve have thought if they could have foreseen that the Gospel which they preached would bind in one brotherhood all races of men?

2. The promise is continuous. "Yet will I gather others." That was true when Isaiah stated it; it would have been true if Peter had quoted it on the morning of Pentecost. It was quite true when Carsy acted upon it, and started on what men thought his mad enterprise, to go as a consecrated cobbler to convert the learned Brahmins of India. It is quite as true now. If the promise had been written this morning and the ink were not yet dry it would be no more true than it is now: — "Yet will I gather others to Him.

3. The promise is most graciously encouraging, because it evidently applies very pointedly to outcasts. Has there strayed into this house of prayer an outcast from society? Hearken thou to this word. But if not an outcast from society, it may be you are an outcast in your own esteem.

4. The promise is absolute. This is the kind of language which only an omnipotent being can use as to men's minds.


1. The perpetuity of the Gospel. Still is the good news preached among you.

2. The blood of atonement has not lost its power.

3. The Spirit of God is with us still.

4. The glory and majesty of the Gospel, or rather the greatness of the glory of God in the Gospel, demands that many more should be gathered than have as yet been enfolded in the Church.

5. There must be many more souls to be ingathered because of the longings of the saints. They are not satisfied unless they see conversions. The Church needs more conversions. We never prosper as a Church unless we have a fresh stream of young blood running into us.


1. To believe it, and then to pray about

2. If you pray, you must work, for prayer without endeavour is hypocrisy.

3. Expect to see others gathered.

4. Those who have not yet been gathered should be encouraged to hope.

( C. H. Spurgeon.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: The Lord GOD which gathereth the outcasts of Israel saith, Yet will I gather others to him, beside those that are gathered unto him.

WEB: The Lord Yahweh, who gathers the outcasts of Israel, says, "Yet will I gather [others] to him, besides his own who are gathered."

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