3 John 1
Wycliffe's Bible
1The elder man to Gaius, most dear brother, whom I love in truth (whom I truly love).

2Most dear brother, of all things I make prayer, that thou enter, and fare wellfully, as thy soul doeth wellfully. 3I joyed greatly, for brethren came, and bare witnessing to thy truth, as thou walkest in truth. (I greatly joyed, for the brothers came, and gave testimony about the truth of thee/and gave testimony about thee and the truth, yea, how thou walkest in the truth.) 4I have not more grace of these things (I have no greater joy), than that I hear that my sons walk in (the) truth.

5Most dear brother, thou doest faithfully, whatever thou workest in (the) brethren, and that into pilgrims, (Most dear brother, thou hast done faithfully, all that thou hast done for the brothers, who were strangers, or were visitors,) 6which yielded witnessing to thy charity, in the sight of the church; which thou leadest forth, and doest well-worthily to God. (and they gave testimony about thy love, here in the church; yea, whom thou leadest forth, and helpest in a way worthy of God.) 7For they went forth for his name, and took nothing of heathen men. (For they went forth for his name, and took nothing from the Gentiles.) 8Therefore we owe to receive such, that we be even-workers of (the) truth. (And so we all ought to receive such men, so that we be fellow-workers, or do our share of the work, in spreading the truth.)

9I had written peradventure to the church, but this Diotrephes, that loveth to bear primacy, (or the chief places), in them, receiveth not us. (I had written to the church, but this Diotrephes, who loveth to be in the lead, or to take the chief place, among them, would not receive us/did not welcome us.) 10For this thing, if I shall come, I shall admonish his works, which he doeth, chiding, (or chattering), against us with evil words. And as if these things suffice not to him, neither he receiveth brethren, and forbiddeth them that receive, and putteth out of the church (And as if this did not suffice for him, he would not receive the brothers, and forbade those who had wanted to receive them, and even put them out of the church).

11Most dear brother, do not thou (pur)sue (any) evil thing, but that that is (a) good thing. He that doeth well, is of God; he that doeth evil, seeth not God. (Most dear brother, do not follow after anything evil, but only after that which is good. He who doeth good, is of God; he who doeth evil, seeth not God.) 12Witnessing is yielded to Demetrius of all men, and of (the) truth itself; but also we bear witnessing, and thou knowest, that our witnessing is true. (A good testimony is given about Demetrius from everyone, and even by the truth itself; and I also give good testimony about him, and thou knowest, that my testimony is true.)

13I had many things to write to thee, but I would not write to thee by ink and pen (but I will not write them to thee with pen and ink).

14For I hope soon to see thee, and we shall speak mouth to mouth. Peace be to thee. (Your) Friends greet thee well. Greet thou well (my) friends by name. (Because I hope soon to see thee, and then we shall speak face to face, or in person. Peace be to thee. Your friends send hearty greetings to thee. Give hearty greetings to all of my friends by name.)


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